Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL unveiled: same cameras, slower chipsets and $399 starting price

07 May 2019
The 3.5mm audio jack makes a comeback!

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  • 08 May 2019

Waiting for Xiaomi A3 series, so far everything early rumours about them been better than Pixel :P

3 models, OLED screen (might be not for all 3, depends), SD7xx (for all 3 models), NFC, and of course cheaper price than Pixel ones.

And yes, if someone didn't know, Xiaomi A series are Android One phones.

    Tobey, 08 May 2019Almost 650$ here in India for the XL. I can get the S10e fo... moreCorrect. Google has made look Samsung flagships value for money at least in India. S9 and S10e have better build, weather resistance and faster processor and GPU.

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      • DkY
      • 08 May 2019

      Hahahaha. I would rather add 5k and buy s10e instead of these overpriced self proclaimed affordable flagships.

        Nobi, 08 May 2019$570 for 3a and $650 for 3a XL in India and in other news '... moreIndia is the FASTEST growing market and the Most Important one for the iPhone, Samsung, Huawei (if it banned in India, its global dominance will stop, even if it doesn't sell great numbers, there right now), Nokia, Google etc.

        Google is probably going down too. First the Pixel 3 was grossly over- prices for its specced and now Incorrect pricing in the worlds most promising market. Whoa !!!

          What is with Googles obsession with bloody bezels? Not a terrible device but those huge bezels and high price in India means this device is not going to sell well at all.

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            • Anna
            • tTd
            • 08 May 2019

            Initial announced price of Nokia 4.2 was INR13,800 ($189). But Nokia managed to launched it at INR10,990 ($158) in India under Make in India program. On other hand Pixel 3a & 3a XL initial announced price is $399 (INR28,000) and $479 (33,600) & Google will sell it at INR39,000 & INR45,000 respectively in India.
            I assume, Google is also making these phones in India and are getting same benefits of Make in India program just like Nokia. Then, why they are charging so premium price here? Google, either DON'T launch these phones in India at this price or launch it at par with global prices, if not at reduced price.

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              • 08 May 2019

              After the bathtub notch now brace yourselves for the comeback of huge bezels. No wonder Google doesn't sell any phones, wtf

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                • PWY
                • 08 May 2019

                $570 for 3a and $650 for 3a XL in India and in other news 'Dead on Arrival' community has two new members

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                  • Tan
                  • fxH
                  • 08 May 2019

                  Worst design and huge chin and bazel, this design looks 2 years old.. not gonna buy it.
                  Better to go for s9 or s8 plus

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                    • XMi
                    • 08 May 2019

                    pocophone + pixel experience still better deal I guess?

                      If you convert USD to INR... The Price should be 28K.
                      But the Price in India is 39K.. Thats $560
                      I mean do Indians appear like idiots to Apple & Google.
                      Really Google (I'm looking at you Mr Sundar, being an Indian yourself), I thought that you'd know better that Mr. TIM.
                      Deeply Disappointed.

                        IMO, if you compare 3a with previous Google phones, it would be a success. The prices are lower, the downgraded portions are not much, making this pure android devices quite good.
                        But if you use it to compare other phones on the market, the question will be much more complicated. If we insist on pure android only, you have nearly no choice, as only very few OEM such as Nokia will produce phones with stock android. If you can learn to use other UI, there are much more choices with obviously better specs.
                        IMO, it is not a flagship device. If you have a flagship from any brand (including Google) released in the last two/three years, don't believe it can outperform it.

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                          • 08 May 2019

                          gollygeewillikers, 08 May 2019Who supplies the OLEDs? For me that's the deciding factor.... moreDo you like the 8-bit Pencil crapmoleds with red tints?

                            Who supplies the OLEDs?
                            For me that's the deciding factor. If it's LG then Nope.

                              The Verge review -



                              Honestly, the Pixel "a" series could be my next throwaway phones. I don't have to worry at all if it got stolen or damaged.

                              Instead of treating it like a $1000 item, I could just do my work and not worry trying to baby it and treat it like an actual phone instead of precious jewelry.

                              Huawei / Honor and Xiaomi will never be an option. I don't care if the next Pocophone is only $299. I simply do not want EMUI or MIUI. I need a Windows laptop for it to sync. I don't have that. I want pure Android, period.

                              I'm done with all that cheap Chinese crap and I generally don't like Samsung at all. Sony overprices. HTC and LG are both lost. There are very few options. I'm ok with OnePlus but they never made a phone size I liked. There aren't many options for someone like me who wants it small enough with stock Android.

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                                • 08 May 2019

                                So ugly phones... Google, you failed

                                  Shanti Dope, 08 May 2019Are people here even serious? Damn, I'd rather want this o... moreAgreed. I have never used a Chinese brand mobile phone, and won't as long as the communists are in charge. P.S. I'm from Hong Kong.

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                                    • 08 May 2019

                                    Haha. What a joke. I got a second hand lg v30+ for 199eur. Also lg g7 is about 350eur new, v30 about 300eur. There is no place for such mediocre phones in the flooded market...also nobody is talking about all the used 1 or 2 year old flagships that now (sometimes if you catch a good deal) cost even less then entry level phones...

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                                      • John
                                      • fJx
                                      • 08 May 2019

                                      $399 for those specs and no micro SD card slot is quite underwhelming. At that price point I think I'd rather get a Nokia. You still get Android One and you SD card. 64 gig non expandable storage on a phone doesn't cut it these days.

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                                        • 08 May 2019

                                        Shanti Dope, 08 May 2019Are people here even serious? Damn, I'd rather want this o... moreThere is no such thing as guaranteed, especially when you are using Android. Don't be naive. What's wrong with Chinese brands? Their phones are amazing. Take a look at Huawei for example. No other camera phones can even reach their standards. Not even Google. And if you believe all those security BS by the US government, then you better get an iPhone instead.