LG G8 ThinQ's battery is permanently sealed, no DIY replacements possible

09 May 2019
We're already used to batteries not being easily user-replaceable, but this is on another level.

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ProJames-CHM, 10 May 2019Batteries are a vital component that degrades very fast.They still get damaged less than ports and connectors
Which would you rather repair?

1: battery that is hard to remove
2: a logic board containing the storage, ram, processor, display drivers and all wireless coms

TN04, 10 May 2019I think this was biased Cell phones as a market are becom... moreBatteries are a vital component that degrades very fast.

🙄 a bit of heat can soften those adhesives.

I am a LG G6 owner and I always defended this brand but this is a very cheap move by LG.

I think this was biased
Cell phones as a market are becoming very saturated as they're lasting longer than ever
I think that the problem comes with devices ports that are irreplaceable

Case and point being the s10 type c port (which if damaged means the entire logic board has to be replaced )and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Or the back glass of apple phones

We can't criticize batteries knowing that parts that are subjected to more ware and tear are becoming increasingly more difficult to repair
Give LG a break

Wonder if a class action lawsuits could be brought against the all phone manufacturers who build phones this way, that are basically landfill pollution in the future?

This whole ”designed obsolescence” just to keep making corporations money is slowly poisoning the planet between all the material extraction, plus all the pollution from disposing of the used equipment after a couple years of use.

  • stobs

so its a use & throw device

cos you can never rely on 'highly trained' personnel in those non-existent service centres to remove this battery without damaging the phone.

  • Bewildered

Planned obsolescence, 10 May 2019Planned obsolescence to the max. The whole sealed battery h... moreTotally agree this is a phone after all

I owned one of the best designed Bluetooth Headset, the 'speaker' rested flush "on" the ear rather than as normal in the ear like Airpods, the battery was in the arm which circled the ear looping over the top of the ear and then behind and because there were two ports on the 'speaker' it meant it could be worn on either ear

Once that battery went essentially thrash, the reason why I am not interested in Bluetooth wireless headphones as the battery will eventually go,

After two years even in pristine condition a flagship Android is unsellable.

Keeping the phone as a spare, this is a venal act by LG, if it doesn't take off all well and good, hopefully those who report on this will see how environmentally unfriendly this is, you have to thrash the whole phone rather than just the battery

Batteries have a finite recharge limit so a heavy user can diminish the battery quickly, if your phone doesn't switch on due to battery, how will you tell if it us a battery problem or something more serious.

It seems to be follow / COPY Apple who if memory serves introduced an update that prevents older chargers from charging their latest models and if you read the label main chargers are pollutants and have to be disposed of carefully

  • spongerr bob

ZloiYuri, 10 May 2019LG is worst Android oem and has worst power consumption. So... morestop trolllling here !Talk about Samsung and its explosive phones

I can understand sealing a phone, helps bringing the IP68 protection, but this is just stupid. Most of the people, when they need a battery replacement, they still have to find someone else to do it, but using permanent adhesive is just making their work more dangerous. The old battery always becomes electronic trash, but now it becomes very unstable electronic trash. Bad move, LG.

CompactPhones5ever, 10 May 2019I'm afraid more manufacturers will adapt this model as it's... moreJust FYI, Galaxy S5 was not the first phone with removable back and IP67 certificate. First was Motorola Defy, released in 2012. In 2013 Samsung released Galaxy S4 Active. S5 was released in 2014, bringing water resistance to its flagships.

I still use a Samsung S5 LTE+ and wonder about the newer models not having a way to replace the battery easily. The producer can charge for replacement parts. A new battery costs about $20. Surely Samsung earns more than 50% by selling it. A new mobile costs to produce, and there is fierce competition. I do not care about IP rating, because I take care for my smartphone (no drinks near) and do not dive with it (water damage does not make me eligible for warranty, I still would have to search for a more rugged device like a special underwater camera). I need a 3.5mm jack because of my very high-quality earplugs, but LG I will not consider for my next buy. The Samsung Fold neither because one partner of Samsung asked ifixit.com to remove a page about repairability of this premium device. More news like this, and I will use what I have for another year - for teaching purposes. If I want a better camera, I take my DSLR which after many years still makes better photos than the newest phone for obvious reason.


No wonder if LG going to bankrupt

Well this is probbably the hardest phone to repair i ever seen.

Well its LG.
Life Gone
Whatdid you expect???

  • Katta92

Satisfied G6 owner here.

LG, you dig your own grave. The 3 camera model being limited only to Asia regions and now the battery problem.

  • Anonymous

It's poor practice, but in all honesty it only affects a tiny, tiny minority of customers. Most people are unfortunately happy to buy a new phone each year and throw the old one in the household trash.

I can also imagine that battery replacements for LG phones is not a big concern for their customer base and their big markets, and that by sealing the battery like this they could increase its volume and charge size. It may not be entirely malicious.

I'm afraid more manufacturers will adapt this model as it's another way to prevent customers from keeping their phone too long... When Samsung Galaxy S5 was released, it showed that it's possible to make IP67 with removable battery and without glued case, but manufacturers got scared they're going to start losing profits because phones basically peaked with both camera and performance, adding very little in terms of both with new models. So, they started glueing the back panels to prevent non-tech people from changing battery easily. Unfortunately for them, the DIY battery changing got pretty popular and since they can't offer anything interesting enough in terms of camera and performance, they'll just make everything they can to ruin your experience with your "old" device... Whether it's Apple with their slowing down updates, HTC with their battery killing updates (many HTC 10 users experienced drastically lower battery life when updated from android 7.0 to 8.0), or now LG with sealing the battery, manufacturers won't stop looking for ways to make your life miserable if you decide to keep your phone for longer than 2 years.

  • cruizer

designs like this are not winning any points for LG in the battle for Android marketshare.

  • ZloiYuri

LG is worst Android oem and has worst power consumption. So phones need to charge twice per day. And after one year of work battery will lose its capacity very quickly. LG batteries are very bad too so after a year you will have to replace your phone at all. LG have to stop produce anything accordied to mobile phones at all. World will be better without this crap.