Upcoming Sony smartphones to support the Russian GLONASS

21 January, 2012
The new Sony smartphones will join existing Sony Ericsson models in adding GLONASS.

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  • Denon87

veeru lamba, 22 Jan 2012sony has released awesum phones...bt the negtive iss dat.....no ... moreBut does it really matter so much?
Sure xenon light is brighter than led flash.
But better thing with led flash is that it lasts longer and can be used as torch/flashlight. With xenon flash its not possible because xenon will heat up and burns out in longer use.

  • Alex

Sagar, 22 Jan 2012sony is still stuck up with 1 gb ram,1.3 mp front cam & 4.3 ... moreMan, if you even don't know S3's specs, shut up. Sony is much better than Sansung so stop trolling.

  • Anonymous

There is no such thing like european gps

  • veeru lamba

sony has released awesum phones...bt the negtive iss dat.....no phone has been launched wid xenon flash....all r wid led flash...

  • Farons

Now just need that ESA finish GALILEO project and we would get with 3 modules built in and excelent position.

  • What about Euro GPS?

And what about having reception of the European GPS?

  • Anonymous

Toto, 22 Jan 2012Finally. Russia is a hudge market.This doesn't only benefit Russians - it benefits everyone :)

Just yet one more reason why I think the Xperia Pro is awesome!

  • sadmanh

that glass in the middle looks sooo awesome, makes up for the bland look of the whole thing

  • Toto

Finally. Russia is a hudge market.

  • redX

whatever is there..but I am very happy to see my favourite brand in so many news here and there..keep it up :)

  • AnonD-39019

can u let me knw if my Nokia C7 also supports GLONASS & if yes hw can we chk dat

  • nokia's boy

can u pls let me knw if my nokia C7 also supports GLONASS .....Pls rpl & hw can i chk it on my C7

  • Ben

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2012Before calling me "very wrong" you might want to do yo... moreWell done! this article are the facts and proves that other brands smartphone users know nothing about phones, which is why they post irrelevant stuffs here and also purchase a phone that simply can't hold a candle next to a Sony Smartphone.

  • Sagar

sony is still stuck up with 1 gb ram,1.3 mp front cam & 4.3 inch screen as compared to galaxy s3.it is still in 2011.

  • Anonymous

Here's also the original Sony Ericsson post:

Look at the map - very interesting!

  • Anonymous

SONY's THe BeSt among the rest of the brand!!!....i like SONY forever :)

  • Anonymous

MyName, 22 Jan 2012You're very wrong here. Being given perfectly calibrated instrum... moreBefore calling me "very wrong" you might want to do your research bozo.

Here is a scientific research paper:

Quote: "Statistical analysis of PPP [Precise Point Precision] results shows that the performance of
the combined GPS/GLONASS solution is superior to that of GPS-only solution."

And from Sony Ericsson itself:

Quote: "Sony partnered with Qualcomm to test the technology in San Francisco, finding that with Glonass and GPS combined, accuracy improvements of up to 50 percent could be seen. Better still, Persson claims that Glonass is only active in "problematic locations," remaining unused (and conserving battery life) in areas with adequate GPS reception. "

  • Saurabh

what about sony ericsson neo v?

  • raj sms

sounds great

  • MyName

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2012GLONASS alone may be worse than GPS, but existing Sony Ericsson ... moreYou're very wrong here. Being given perfectly calibrated instrument and badly calibrated instrument, result of using both instruments won't exceed results of perfectly calibrated instrument. And if using both instruments simulteniously, then it will only lead to worse resuts.