Redmi flagship confirmed to arrive as the K20

14 May 2019
The flagship killer moniker is back but this time from Redmi.

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  • Ismail20

Popup camera is going to be trends for next gen phone

  • Asr

I know everyone compares it with other recently announced phones like the One Plus 7 , but the announced specs are way to similar to the MI 9 from Xiaomi, and the MI9 sells for 460, in terms of pricing they should be very close to 400 USD or less to become a flagship killer, otherwise you better get the MI 9

Well K20 like killed 20 flagships from 20 different brands.
One hit and 20 died.
Good point.

OP7 is feeling nervous. Expect lower price than OP or maybe half a price?

Jojo, 14 May 2019LOL! These guys are worst than Lienovo. Looks nothing like ... more worst than Lienovo? !
first ask ur self , what do you want in 350-400 usd ???
then compare with other.............

  • Jojo

LOL! These guys are worst than Lienovo. Looks nothing like renders. It has huge bezels and chin. No Ip rating. No Sd card slot. No wireless charge. No fingerprint scanner.

  • Rich watarious

I have always wanted to LG V series of phone because they have the best audio quality through the headphone hands down. No brand can beat it in that aspect but they don't come to my country. I really dislike that. Please give us great audio through the headphone, thank you.

  • Rich watarious

Please Redmi, some of us are music men and we care so much about sound. So please think about audio quality through headphone too we plead.

  • Anonymous

Why didn't they use mi mix 3's sliding mechanism? I prefer it over the pop up camera

  • Rich watarious

Wow, great staff there. We are waiting.

I really hoped that it wouldn't come with a pop up selfie cam. Rest of it is looking pretty good

  • Anonymous

K series is the performance flagship of Redmi and K is the killer first = CRINGE

  • no

and?, 14 May 2019what for u 855? 845 more than enough for most

This surely steal the appeal of op7 tonight

  • Gary

Certainly a killer, If the POCO killed other brands with less aesthetics then this one shouldn't dissapoint.

  • Ulhaqpak

Why there is not white color?

  • and?

Anonymous, 14 May 2019Redmi want to kill Honor 20, but Qualcomm can't offer 855 t... morewhat for u 855? 845 more than enough for most users.

  • Anonymous

At one point these overpriced smartphones (all apple @launch,All samsung@ launch& recently oneplus7 pro) need to stop.This redmi offers most of what their flagship offers but yes without overpricing or expensivenes.People who buy for their brand names don't reply,I buy phones for thier specs not brand name.Even Roman and brittish empire fell crumbling.

  • wiidor

I like the idea they are improving the sofware

  • MrVergilBashParty

aww i'm so disappointing , i was hoping this was pocophone f2 . but now this is a waste of a time after all + no global release rip xiaomi