Redmi flagship confirmed to arrive as the K20

14 May 2019
The flagship killer moniker is back but this time from Redmi.

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  • Anonymous

BalabakZ, 14 May 2019I hope this phone below 350 usd...No chance, but $500 would still be fine, especially as a starting price (Xiaomi phones' price usually drop much with time).

Maybe the "20" is from the 20MP selfie camera?

  • Anonymous

Nice. Hope it will not only be great on paper, but be a real decent device with good reception, good speakers), good sound from headphone jack and good GPS performance.

I hope this phone below 350 usd...

  • Abuzar

Im interested

  • Anonymous

4000 mAh with 27W fast charging + audio jack is all I need.

  • Anonymous

Pop up camera = big no