Lenovo announces 13.3" laptop with foldable OLED screen, coming in 2020

14 May 2019
This is a Windows-powered tablet/laptop - there's no hardware keyboard, but you can fold it slightly and use the on-screen one.

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  • M5Z
  • 25 May 2019

Sounds and looks great. Being an X1 series though, the price will be astronomical

    YUKI93, 19 May 2019Imagine this foldable Lenovo runs on modular screen Windows... moreDidn't know about it so I just searched it up. Holy smokes, I want it in a phone so badly. Just recently got a 2-in-1 computer (it's been about 5 years since my family ever had any computer) and I'm falling in love with Win again

      Jun1250, 14 May 2019This seems like a better idea (and to be executed better) t... moreImagine this foldable Lenovo runs on modular screen Windows Core OS. That would be epic!

        Whackcar, 14 May 2019This is not meant to replace work laptops. It is merely a r... moreThink of this as the foldable variant of the Lenovo Yoga Book C930. Would love to see how Photoshop runs on this device.

          harlekkin, 15 May 2019I've been waiting for that FOREVER. I would have expected A... moreLenovo's already been doing it with Yoga Book from 2016. Now that they updated it with the C930 late last year, it is definitely a solid welcome.

            Finally, a foldable device with a much more sensible OS. Would definitely looking forward to this.

              Wow super LG displayed......

                With good specs and price this could actually sell.
                But i wonder how to type on this kind of laptop.
                On mine my palm of hand always touching touchpad when i type and this my mouse cirsor moving its stressful.

                  The only reason I use a laptop is to get a physical keyboard.

                    I've been waiting for that FOREVER. I would have expected Apple to be the first with an LED keyboard, but clearly not.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Pxc
                      • 15 May 2019

                      And I thought laptop could fold many years ago. I saw a laptop that could bend back ward more than 180°. What's the point to make another one and increase the price when everyone knows how much will it cost just to put the word "foldable" in their name. *sigh

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                        • Tom
                        • LGd
                        • 14 May 2019

                        Whackcar, 14 May 2019This is not meant to replace work laptops. It is merely a r... moreThe only difference is that a small computer is, probably, several times cheaper ad works just as well. But people is good at buying gimmicks, so this may sell well after all.

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                          • 0Bh
                          • 14 May 2019

                          After the foldable phones, now foldable tablets for
                          dummies with foldable brains.
                          Give me five, ...uh... $2000 !

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                            • Bing
                            • xjB
                            • 14 May 2019

                            Lenovo should understand what's the biggest advantage of Thinkpad X1. It's not the beautiful design compared with Mac book or even Mate book, but the fantastic keyboard and stable performances.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • mZx
                              • 14 May 2019

                              Foldable PC ? Possibly a laptop if not a foldable tablet; until we see some specs, this is just a prone-to-fail & break gimmick.
                              Now if it offers from 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD at the very least, as well as HDMI, USB-C and other USB ports; then we might call that a foldable...err...tablet, or better yet : THE iPad Pro Beater as it bends as easily but does not break in a second...just in a few days.

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                                • RAMZES
                                • Q5x
                                • 14 May 2019

                                And this will face the same issue like Samsung Fold experiencing, this is only good in the beginning but in the latter part, boom, 2,000 euro is gone!

                                  This is not meant to replace work laptops. It is merely a replacement for casual laptops or netbooks. It seems rather fine to me for what it aims to be.

                                  Foldables are all the rage right now, so expect to see all variations of it going forward.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 81X
                                    • 14 May 2019

                                    I find the prospect of a pocketable phone that unfolds into a larger tablet attractive. A large tablet that folds into a rather small laptop, not so much.

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                                      • shawman123
                                      • rV6
                                      • 14 May 2019

                                      Not sure we need a foldable laptop like this. Already all laptops are folded on the hinge :-). That said I would love a well designed laptop with Oled Screen.

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                                        • Jimbob
                                        • gKH
                                        • 14 May 2019

                                        Googles Lenovo X1... oh look we already have a million devices using that name already