Apple's new marketing campaign in India says the iPhone 6s is "incredible"

15 May 2019
That might be a bit of an overstatement for a device that's more than three years old.

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  • Anonymous

Randel jeremy, 26 May 2019I have a an iphone 6 and i can say its still a capable phon... moreiPhone 6 64
Sim not valid

  • Randel jeremy

Anonymous, 16 May 2019Are you kidding me? 6S is outdated now. It is very old. Lik... moreI have a an iphone 6 and i can say its still a capable phone, dumbass

  • Abraham

Apple has lost it's credibility. Making money with the apple logo n that's it. iPhone 6S was the last phone which we can call a real Apple product.

  • Aniket

I need a phone that works.

  • Anonymous

Harpoon, 17 May 2019i am Still using Iphone 6s and phone is awesome. Agreed

  • Harpoon

i am Still using Iphone 6s and phone is awesome.

  • Anonymous

jos, 16 May 2019Why Apple never grows up its size? 4.7 inch is not a screen... moreSince, all the Apple employees have a 4.7 inches long.

That's why they feel very ashamed of making phones larger than their own.

Come to the android world, look at Xperias, the one with 21:9 display, seems like BLACKED. and also there is a lot of variety in android, rollable, foldable, tiny, huge and by huge I mean very huge.

  • Anonymous

R1m, 16 May 2019No you can even do that with iPhone 1 to iPhone 4. Oh so... moreThis is a very accurate reply. You just opened their eyes.

Hey Apple fans are you still sleepy, listen Apple is not your dad, or girlfriend, that you have to stand for then.

I know iphones are good, but promoting year (years) old smartphone is not good.

Try promoting iphones like 10s, 10s Max at a reasonable price (the price they are sold in other countries).

Everyone knows Apple products are the most costly in India, as compared to any other part of the world.

Seriously..., Apple your business right way, or just don't do it. Just don't beg in India like a (mental) beggar.

Good luck with that Crapple. Most likely you will find a few dumba$$e$ (rich kids/house wives) buying this $hit.

  • Anonymous

Are you kidding me? 6S is outdated now. It is very old. Like very very very old. iPhone 8 is today's minimum if you want only iPhone of course. But it is better to wait until 2020 and buy really better iPhone with more new changes.

  • Carol

Rhw on'y good thing this devices have, ist the people that still pay for the rubbish some fine money. Sign me up, i want to sell some iphones.

  • caro'

Nick, 15 May 2019Sd821 equivalent.LoL. The Twister core muscles out the kryo... moreYeah right, and pigs fly while cows lay eggs. Get over ja head.

  • mass94

What Apple's marketing doesn't understand is that unlike Americans, Asian consumers understand tech very well. They understand life cycle, software, and processing power. There is no way Apple will be able to sell 6S, 7, or even X in India with this strategy.

a simple dude, 15 May 2019The 6S can make a really good mid range smartphone. The A9 ... moreMan in my store here in Slovakia brand new 6S Iphone cost 199 or 279 for 128 GB version in euros which should be translated as 149 dollars. or 209 dollars
You cant be serious can you???

  • Anonymous

No surprise, this is one of the last iPhones to have a 3.5mm jack as STANDARD. Going by (Cr)Apple's software upgrade logic, iOS 13 may be the last major upgrade and it's RIP to iPhones with 3.5mm jacks :(

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Just give us iPun 8 with headphone jack? :3

  • Anonymous

haha good luck with that. Indians unlike americans dont buy so much of this marketing crap. They want the biggest bang for their bucks, especially in tech industry. This is just ridiculous. You would have to be mental to buy three years old phone in india for such price. No matter how rich you are.

Best solution for Apple, is to manufacture their latest flagships in India and price them in the range of S10 Plus and P30 Pro. This will bring them more profits than resurrecting an old, soon to be outdated phone! Which doesnt even hold a candle to all the OnePlusses. Thank god, they didnt resurrected SE instead! Even if people buy these 6s, they would be at most their secondary phones.

  • R1m

Anonymous, 16 May 2019A good phone, even by nowadays standard. Made possible by i... moreNo you can even do that with iPhone 1 to iPhone 4.

Oh sorry, only iPhone first generation.

Iphones are so good, they are god send. And you even don't need a real working iPhone, just purchase a dummy or even a photocopy of iPhone 1 image or even name will suffice.

I think you have never used an iPhone or Android.
Start with some android mid rangers and then purchase caviar iphones.. because this is the path to realisation to the photocopy of iPhone 1.

Any iPhone is a no match for the iPhone 1, that's why Apple stopped manufacturing it.

Just get it from somewhere, and use it, and soon you will learn it's magical prowess.

OMG apple got it all wrong, U should provide the latest stuffs with the least price as possible man it's going to be total flop while I look forward for the Redmi k20 pro or something like that which I estimate would be prices near to that 27000Rs they are offering the iPhone 6s