The story behind the Asus Zenfone 6's design

16 May 2019
We sat down with Chih-Hao Kung, the Global Technical PR Lead, as he was eager to tell us more about the challenges the team had to overcome on its way to making the Zenfone 6 a reality.

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Flagship killer without amoled is nothing else as just flagship, no amoled go home

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    • Anonymous
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    • 20 May 2019

    AnonD-731363, 20 May 2019Story???? Nice joke its just copy of A80 by Samsung apart ... moreSeriously?
    It's smaller yet has a way bigger battery, has triple slot, has notification LED, has a 3.5mm.
    Has Snapdragon 855.
    Has 8GB RAM option.
    Has a flip cam that actually can function manually instead of just front and back.
    Has IMX586 instead of GM1.
    Will by all likelyhood get Q before A80 (if it will even get Q).
    WIll get R

    So what exactly are they copying?

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      • AnonD-731363
      • SH3
      • 20 May 2019

      Nice joke its just copy of A80 by Samsung apart from higher specs and useless SD card and jack..

        PapaRafe, 17 May 2019Yes they are and I'm rocking Zenfone5 now. It can't get ne... moreTrue, though those have their own issues

          An all-screen, notchless SD855 phone with 5,000mAh battery, 3.5mm headphone jack and microSD card slot, all for 500 EUR? Sounds like a great deal there.

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            • samarth n8 808
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            • 18 May 2019

            Guys, don't forget that OLED has color burning issue.

            Do you want your phone to lose its colors after 3 years or so? You know, even resale is affected due to this!

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              • Sathish
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              • 17 May 2019

              Anonymous, 17 May 2019Why, why, why no onscreen FPR????? If it needs an OLED then... moreStop complaining and stop asking everything on one phone. There are many who doesnt need OLED and freaking onscreen FP. if you need them, there is OnePlus 7 pro and few many available in the market. Happy to pay 500 bucks and takes features like this.

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                • AnonD-625430
                • YQS
                • 17 May 2019

                Well Done Asus. This is the best phone to release in 2019. A No Compromise Flagship With A Sweet Price. Like that there's no notch in sight, the display being IPS LCD instead of AMOLED, Dual SIM with Dedicated MicroSD, Huge 5000 mAh Battery, Rear Camera Doubles As Selfie Camera, 3.5mm Jack Not Omitted Unlike The Ongoing Trend, Latest Snapdragon 855 Chipset, All For A Great Price. I just hope the UI is as good as the solid hardware it packs. Salute to Asus Team for creating this. Definitely going to be my next phone from Asus.

                  a simple dude, 17 May 2019Can you stop hating on this phone... You’re just mad becaus... moreTaking pics simultaneously from both front and rear camera s are not possible

                    How to use camera flash below 15 percent of battery cause below 15 camera flash doesn't work , although flashlight is working ..regards

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                      • Maria
                      • u7V
                      • 17 May 2019

                      I really hope that Asus UI has no bloatware/any third apps. It is so great if Asus really use stock Android, even Android Go. The thing that I avoid Asus phone is its UI only.

                        Nice idea Asus,

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                          • 17 May 2019

                          I have a feeling Asus is going to be the next BIG thing. Really love this phone. The only phone that checks all boxes including price. Hats off to them. Love and respect to Asus.

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                            • nBv
                            • 17 May 2019

                            I think the trend of "camera reuse" is a very good one. If you're not a child, or don't have the mentality of one, you have relatively little use for a selfie camera. Most people don't use video conferencing or face unlock, so the camera will almost always stay put.

                            This design reduces unnecessary cost and bulk which can be dedicated to more useful features.

                            Hopefully more companies will take this approach.

                              Well done Asus, deep respect for you guys.
                              Asus should be more aggressive for selling their phones.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • M5Z
                                • 17 May 2019

                                Why, why, why no onscreen FPR????? If it needs an OLED then let it be.. I'm sure lots of people wouldn't mind paying that little extra for that much convenience (and less tear and wear on the camera mechanism). Let alone the OLED fans..
                                Pity, because it seems they got almost everything else pretty much right..

                                  So basically since its not possible to use both front and rear camera all together , buyers won't be able to make videos ,click photos from both front and rear all together .I am really impressed by the phone really but the fact is ,every single mobile companies launching new phones daily but don't even consider previous phones issues or honour feedbacks

                                    I actually think this design is more practical than the one Vivo and Oppo put out last year. It's not like the Find X that needs to pop up every time to do a face unlock. It eliminates the notch and the needed cameras at the front.

                                    Good job, Asus. I still hate you as a brand. Never again.

                                      Could someone please tell me if this new Asus Zenfone 6 will be available in the USA in May, 2019? I'm confused. I want to buy it but I can't find information about it being sold in the U.S or not. Thanks!

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                                        • Pocketable one pls
                                        • Kx1
                                        • 17 May 2019

                                        Looks fine, good spec with affordable prices. If you can't give top tier amoled, you better off with good calibrated IPS.

                                        Would like if they build 5.5“, 720p one with SD 710 while keeping most spec (especially battery)