Redmi K20 will have 960FPS slow-mo video recording

20 May 2019
Expect solid camera performance from the upcoming Redmi flagship.

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  • 20 May 2019

please, make it with micro SD slot. we need it, new micro SD are awesome with 275MB/s and large storage capacity 128gb/256gb. where are we going to storage our 950FPS slow mo videos?

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    • mk$
    • 20 May 2019

    Jake, 20 May 2019If it comes as leaked with audio jack, under display finger... moreAlso with IR blaster and NFC like other redmi's and that would be the perfect phone. Like de LG g8 but cheaper and with real stock

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      • LQu
      • 20 May 2019

      Another fake 960fps.
      Record at 30 and playback slower only.

        yeah I'll probably also wait for independent review of the camera... Wouldn't be the first time we saw fake 960fps.

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          • Jake
          • 0WL
          • 20 May 2019

          If it comes as leaked with audio jack, under display fingerprint sensor and like others from Redmi they don't remove the microSD, FM Radio and has Global version with B20 i'll be in paradise. If even for some causality, the main camera comes with OIS then i'll be in heaven. LoL. I doubt that i'll have that good luck. But lets see what they release. Waiting for it... Only few days!!!

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            • 20 May 2019

            Last time their 960fps Slow motion was interpolated 240fps. And it looked awful. 960 requires a cache in the sensor and the power of the SoC is irrelevant.