Samsung Galaxy Note10 will have a vertical rear camera array

20 May 2019
And will naturally tuck the selfie cameras inside the display.

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  • Anonymous

the worst camera position on a smart phone that you can buy is on this phone. that stupid punch hole. tear drop notch is way better than this stupid punch hole

its like having a huge dead pixel on the front on a high end phone.

If zoom capabilities of cameras remained unaddressed than I afraid many customers will refrain themselves from buying SN10.

I think vertical cameras on the left side of the back of the phone makes most sense cause when I use a flip cover it would be easier to position and balance horizontally and take photos/videos without the view getting blocked


  • .alpha

So copying LG or Apple

  • Note lover

S11 might be being called Picasso because they might be introducing the pen in it.. that way they will have only 2 flagships... The s11 and s11 plus

I don't know. The S-Pen takes a lot of space from the battery, so the horizontal camera array makes sense in the Note. Seems to me a vertical triple camera would push down the battery more than in the Note 9, which would mean a smaller battery.

Or they would have to redesign the internals completely.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2019never like the Note series, especially we all know it will becom... moreThere will be no end if you're looking for the latest.
New phone and processor every 1 year is too much.

Even last year note 9 is still rocking good. I want the note because the stylus (i'm a pro artist)
I've thought of getting note 9 but the outdated design and lacking of ultra wide camera made me wait for note 10.

  • Anonymous

Vertical cameras Note 10, wherever in the middle or at top left corner, or the Pixel 4 XL, will be my next phone.

  • Anonymous

Looking good

  • Anonymous

never like the Note series, especially we all know it will become outdated 3-4 months when new CPU announced.

Evilmaddoc, 20 May 2019One of the main reasons I didn't get S10 smth, was that the came... moreFor me they are the best, I'm sad as i look forward to note 10 as a note 8 user

  • mesand

Finally... And put them to the side ;) :D

One of the main reasons I didn't get S10 smth, was that the camera position on series was god awful! Completely ruined the look for me. This is very welcomed news indeed!