OnePlus 3 and 3T get Android 9 Pie update

22 May 2019
It's the third big new OS version these two phones have received so far.

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  • User One Plus 3t

3T_USER, 03 Sep 2019Extremely disappointed with Pie upgrade. Right from first upgrad... moreAbsolutely True brother. Same thing happening with me. Please tell any one what to do with that issue. I am really fed up with this.

  • 3T_USER

Extremely disappointed with Pie upgrade. Right from first upgrade of Pie for 3t (9.0.2), all functionalities got drastically slowed down. Hangs very frequently, and incoming calls do not appear on screen, just can hear the ring. Same continues after 9.0.5. Never expected this much ignorance from One+.

  • jack hudson

disappointed_user, 03 Aug 2019Upgraded my OnePlus 3T. Camera performance is destroyed. Do not... more1000% agree, not sure if the app dev and testers tested this before releasing to the general public.

  • disappointed_user

Upgraded my OnePlus 3T.
Camera performance is destroyed. Do not upgrade.

  • Abhi

is it possible to downgrade to Oreo. i am also tired of using this slow sluggish OP3 after Android P update. Whats the way to downgrade?

  • my nickname

Skull41, 23 May 2019IDK what u are using.. but i have been using the Pie beta since ... moreas true as that may be, this update really messed up my 3T.
I have waited for the second update but it's still terribly slow and laggy in situations where before it had no issues.
Camera is worse.
Whatsapp calls now have many issues.
Other stuff.
Am downloading the downgrade to do it by myself.

  • Prashant

After OS 9 update its horrible, its worst than samsung phones dont knkw till when will have to bear the pain

  • Manu

My OnePlus 3T became horribly slow after upgrading to Oxygen OS 9. Things didn't get any better after an OS update 9.0.4 was applied.


How to uninstall this upadate? My 3T becomes very slow after update many times apps just crash

  • ThM

killed my oneplus 3. so slow sometimes unusable. going to find a way to downgrade or 1+ never again !

  • Danny

I updated 2 days ago, since then 2 or 3 times it's screen froze and restarted. Also old problem related to hotspot also occurred, sometimes it didn't start or it suddenly turn off in the middle of some task.

  • AJ

jt, 19 Jun 2019This update is terrible. Has ruined my phone (One Plus 3T). Don'... moreHas wrecked mine too, has gone really slow

  • jt

This update is terrible. Has ruined my phone (One Plus 3T). Don't think I'll be buying another device from them.

  • TomChaton

I updated yesterday. Notifications have completely broken, the phone seems sluggish, and the battery life has gone down :(

  • dt86nz

My phone downloaded it this weekend. It's very slow and slow to show signs of improvement. Basic apps now lag. I'd hold off for a couple weeks until OnePlus release an update to improve the optimisation of it.

  • Rajesh

Can anyone tell me when I can expect the pie update for 3T over the air in Chennai.

  • Mad

I also didnt get the update yet!

  • Prasa

Im from Sri Lanka and using a One Plus 3T. Still I didnt get the update for Andriod pie. 😥

  • Anonymous

RDK, 24 May 2019I am using OP3 since launch daily. I need my phone for work. Thi... moreSo you havent factory resetted the device yet after doing a Major OS upgrade from 8.0 - 9.0? Obviously its always recommended to reset the device ofcourse backup your files before doing it.

Congrats Oneplus a great move.