Lenovo reaching record revenue for fiscal 2018/2019

24 May 2019
An impressive 12.5% year-over-year revenue growth has been recorded.

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  • sori

Rocking on my Moto G6 Plus. Damn good device. Price/perfomance is amazing.

  • Anonymous

George, 25 May 2019Lenovo is a consumer electronics company, they won't get banned ... moreagree, ban IBM and Motorola means ban innovation as both are pioneer on tech

  • George

Anonymous, 24 May 2019Awaiting Donald Trump to make a move to ban Lenovo.Lenovo is a consumer electronics company, they won't get banned and also they own part of IBM and Motorola wich are US based companies.

  • George

Anonymous, 25 May 2019They did not specify how much they earned from the mobile sector... moreWrong https://www.cnet.com/news/after-years-of-struggl­es-lenovo-motorola-is-profitable/

Lenovo P2 was a masterpiece. It boggles my mind why they didn't continue the P series.

  • Anonymous

If there were no Lenovo laptops up until now, its mobile division had fallen into the fate of HTC

  • Anonymous

They did not specify how much they earned from the mobile sector
moto & lenovo..They did not specifically mention how much they earned from each of them?
probably zero
all they earned from pc & laptop

Anonymous, 24 May 2019Their laptops have great quality while their phones has a crappy... moreMan having Moto X4 since day 1 available to purchase here in slovakia.
For or after a year and half the phone looks and works as a day one bought.
Moto X4 is damn good device.
And since i run a phoneshop with 38 shops around the Slovakia i can honestly tells you we have scarce warranty claims on Lenovo which is sold on daily basis.

Anonymous, 24 May 2019No 5g no banLenovo with 5G motomod were technicaly first cellphone with 5G support which was year ago. Long time before any other competitor.

  • Anonymous

inb4 Trumps next target is in sight.

they are earning? must be from their laptops line

Anonymous, 24 May 2019No 5g no banLenovo knows better than to work with North Korea and Iran.

Wonder how Lenovo would do without Google’s Android?

  • Anonymous

why do people say Lenovo makes bad Smartphones? my lenovo (zuk) z2 plus is one of the best smartphones I had.. compact, good battery flagship soc\ram system. Yes the camera is not the best and the UI is....well..special but nothing I couldn't fix with root\roms. and I got it for 200 when at the same time samsungs flagship that year was 600 and my lenovo was faster in games because here in europe we only had the exynos variant s7 with crap gpu... i know cus i tested them both

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2019No 5g no banLet's all jump to 7G in Hyper Mode

Lenovo is well-established Laptop maker and people often forgets or doesn't even know that its a Chinese company in the first place. Just sayin'

Thab33f, 24 May 2019Yeman, Yogabook and ThinkPad are so damn goodOh, ESPECIALLY the Thinkpad. That keyboard is a godsend among all these thin traveled keyboards in laptops nowadays

  • Anonymous

Good notebooks/laptops. But phones with shitty cameras. A joke of stabilization that shakes and blurr the video, lack of details in foliage even in the day light, bad quality at night that even lacks of brightness and artificial colors absolutly making the scene terrible in nigh mode. In day less terrible but the same no natural interpretation of the colors. Not real. Etc.

  • Joe

Anonymous, 24 May 2019Now they need to make good laptops and cellphones. Using a Lenovo laptop for 8 years. Still works fine, the only issue I've had was the HDD dying (But that was made by Toshiba) after 4 years of use and abuse. Haven't been that lucky with Dells and Acers before...
As for phones, I must admit that Z6 Pro looks awesome, my only complaint is that the stabilized video is only shot at 720p. That's so 2010. I hope Lenovo can fix that with a software update. Oh, and please make a new Audiophile phone. Not that many devices can still top the Vibe X3 in terms of sound quality!
As for Motorola... Well, blame Motorola for making practical, yet hardware outdated devices. At least their cameras are good.

  • Anonymous

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 24 May 2019Their laptops kinda dies... More impressed with the phones! :3Their laptops have great quality while their phones has a crappy quality