New image shows off the Redmi K20 in Blue color with a pop-up selfie camera

25 May 2019
It will come with Snapdragon 730 SoC, a 48MP camera, and a 4,000 mAh battery.

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NotAnOpinion, 25 May 2019Killer phone?! Mid-range SoC Only FDH display No ... moreLol, k20 pro has 855 and it is flagship spec phone

Notsure, 26 May 2019Any OLED is going to burn in if you use it at high brightne... moreYeah, and those problems are usually exacerbated by lower quality of the panel due to costs.


I hate pop-up camera

Live photos of the Redmi K20 Pro and its packaging:

  • Anonymous

Better than Realme's fake 960 fps.

  • Anonymous

The ugliest back design i ever seen in my entire life

  • laikexpert

Redmi K20 Pro real image:

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0000, 26 May 2019We want an IPS LCD display + HDR10 over the short life spa... moreSeems like you're looking for another phone. Phones these days are basically like loot drops. The RNG determines the features and if you're happy with the end result, you buy it, otherwise you wait for the next drop. I've been waiting forever for a bang-for-your-buck phone that has a 855, no notch and an under-display FPS, so this one makes me happy. Keep refreshing the phone finder here or go to Kimovil and your perfect phone will appear eventually. Until then, enjoy the phone you already have.

0000, 27 May 2019Lol, what is the use of a web browser? It is used to access... moreThe browser forces dark mode on every site lol, avoid wasting my time, thanks.

  • 0000

Shadocx, 26 May 2019I said browsers, not website... Reading comprehension, you... moreLol, what is the use of a web browser? It is used to access and view websites.

what is the purpose of a dark mode in a browser if most website doesn't support dark mode?

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 26 May 2019I guess they will include ir blaster in this phone. All xia... moreOwh.. okay. I'm just curious how Xiaomi puts Redmi K20's price below Mi 9. What features will be trimmed from Mi 9. Maybe no NFC and plastic frame.. Let's see.

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 26 May 2019Well, if Mi 9 has features than this K20/Pro not but don't ... moreI mean I think Xiaomi won't positioning Redmi series upper of Mi series especially Mi flagship. If u want Xiaomi to put all feature on their phone, that might be on the highest series. Maybe MIX 4 and the price is not that cheap because Xiaomi phone is already cheaper compare to bigger brands.

  • Anonymous

Ok. Enough debating. It's a matter of preferinces and we won't convince each other to change our preferences.
Some experimced problems with oleds and some didn't.
Some are dissapointed that Xiaomi choose oled and some are thrilled.
Let's see the phones with the dukl specs and the prices.

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the tech nerd, 26 May 20193 year oneplus 3t user here, didn't experience anything you... moreGood luck! :))))
Only the oled users don't see the dimming and colour shifting. Matbe if you would look in a good LCD from time to time you will notice those.
I see those problems in all the samsungs super amoleds. They are suposed to be he best. Oneplus used something better than samsung's super amoled?

Notsure, 26 May 2019I didn't suggest they put IPS on both, just give 2 options.... moreAgreed. Would really sell the idea of being the lower end version

0000, 26 May 2019Please, we want a phone that can last long for a year or tw... moreIt shall arrive with DC dimming which make sure of the screen flickering and durability to stay in tact

Anonymous, 26 May 2019Unfortunately people are too zombified and many more will b... moreWouldn't buy a phone without amoled (not including those P-oled LG displays, they have color shift problems)

Anonymous, 26 May 2019New for you man, it didn't improve that much to prevent bur... more3 year oneplus 3t user here, didn't experience anything you said, honestly i won't buy my next phone if it doesn't have amoled, amoled are awesome

Anonymous, 26 May 2019New for you man, it didn't improve that much to prevent bur... moreI'm wasting my time debating with you, I've never experienced those brightness dimming and colour tinting.

Anonymous, 26 May 2019Ok, dark mode maybe solves the power consumption and let's ... moreMy aunt's Galaxy S6, my bro's Galaxy A5 2016 doesn't have colour tinting and brightness dimming lol, you guys are using your phones wrong maybe, IDK how you experience those.