Sony working on a foldable Xperia F with 5G connectivity

29 May 2019
The Xperia F is scheduled for next year, so there might be another 5G phone first. The F is said to keep the trademark 21:9 screen aspect ratio.

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s-pen pusher, 30 May 2019where are the sony fanboys who were rabidly bashing samsung and ... moreSony phone isn't bad just their marketing can't compete with those flooding brands. After I try some of the China brand I can say the China although bring some newer Android software experience but the quality is just miss or hits, especially from audio quality, even I already install a Poweraufio Pro into my China phone, it play the unpleasant music for me, I really missing my Z2, I feel like an angel was fallen become an mortal, (the bass and music upscale is always better on Sony) that's I can express my feelings sincerely. Since I lost it, it still worth for my love although they marketing fade away from some regions and flooding brands keep winning the mainstream games.

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AnonD-732843, 01 Jun 2019Sony much be globally recognized...go... moreso right, so right

  • Anonymous

That is if Sony Mobile does not fold.

  • AnonD-732843

Sony much be globally recognized...going into extinction...all it takes is just to fire the long-term money-leeches and hire some fresh breeds...

  • gfhgf

Whackcar, 30 May 2019After what happened to the Galaxy Fold, i don't see why everyone... morethey cant afford to wait more. Huawei's solutions seems more mature already, OPPO and the others will shortly follow.

plus slab designs are becoming harder to make them look unique. They need to convince people to buy new phones, another slab wont be one unless for people with 3-4 year old phones.

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First gen galaxy fold is to test water for foldable market, seems like it worked. Others will dare enough to follow the lead.

After what happened to the Galaxy Fold, i don't see why everyone is still jumping on the Foldables hype train. I mean let the technology mature to a usable standpoint before adapting it massively...

lest wait

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Anonymous, 30 May 2019Why are Sony haters so obsessed with... well... hating on Sony? All brands receive the same hate. Just that Xperia fans are much more extreme in their "love". I think some are just trolling because they do not even own a Sony phone.

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Cir90, 30 May 2019Crapmoled Samsung vs Sony Bravia Máster Xperia 1"the refe... moreStop your crapmoled crap already.

Cir90, 30 May 2019Crapmoled Samsung vs Sony Bravia Máster Xperia 1"the refe... moreSo we're just gonna ignore the use of the Note 8 from 2 years ago?

[deleted post]why they must? Sony is rich
they make phone just for fun

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Haters can cry ...

Site ePrice Hong Kong played 30 min of 4K video on X1 and only 7% of battery was used.

Crapmoled Samsung vs Sony Bravia Máster Xperia 1"the reference"

[deleted post]if you close Sony Samsung will not be able to copy you

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Anonymous, 30 May 2019The most important one was water protection. Before it was a fea... moreXperia V had IP rating before Z.
I think Z was the 4th Xperia to have it.

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Anonymous, 30 May 2019Everything that you listed was either copied from another brand,... moreYou say most came from other even when I say it was first ... Let's check ...

1) before Sony, only Apple had glass body. No android maker had

2) Z3 was first with IP68, other like Z2 were IP58. None from Htc, Apple or LG had in 2014. S5 was half IP58.

3) M4 was the first phone that usb was not covered for protection, unlike Z3 and S5

4) for z2 Sony made cam sub-app Background Defocus in 2014. You can even adjust how blurry you want .

5) another sub app to use both cams at same time, lately copied by LG and HMD that called it Bothie ...

6) AR was first brand

7) only Sony has 4K screen. About 120Hz, just type on google XZ Premium 120Hz XDA and read.

8) Sony created wrgb screen, now used by LG too

9) only that covers BT2020 gamut, because of Quantum Dots that use have used for years and recently Samsung started to use on TVs and call QLED.

10) stacked sensor created by Sony and used for the full frame Alpha 9 and few of their Cybershots. One hear later Samsung copied for s9.

11) 960fps comes from Sony Cybershot RX100 series (1" sensor pocket cam)

12) Hybrid AF (CDAF+ PDAF) comes from Sony mirrorless ( Nikon uses PDAF, Canon has dual pixel , Panasonic uses CDAF and rest uses PDAF)

13) XZs was first with Predective Capture that needs stacked sensor to grand AF and Full Resolution

14) many phones can do burst, but without stacked sensor none can do with AF. First was XZ1

15) DSEE-HX and LDAC come from Sony Walkman

16) Triluminos comes from Bravia

17) since Z phones cam can recognize scene and adjust settings

18) even Tablet Z (2013) had IP rating

19) 4K HDR HLG needs stacked sensor in case the sensor is for mobile

20) XZ2 has option to show any video in HDR , even if was recorded in SDR. Copied by HMD for Nokia 7+.

Not a good idea i guess. Anyway the price will be like $5k.

Sony must teach xamfung beforehand how to make fold phones

  • Morales

Anonymous, 30 May 2019Everything that you listed was either copied from another brand,... moreStop trolling please.