Bada 2.0 update seeding to the Samsung S8500 Wave

27 January, 2012
There is no information about the regional availability of the update just yet.

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  • Jack

Bada 3.0 coming very soon by 2020!! So plz dnt hangup on bada. Its a shame for samsung that they dont provide proper updates for their own OS!! Thers no Skype, Fring, Nimbuzz, Yahoo etc. Even the cheapest android and symbian devices get all those goodies. Wake up Samsung else shut down Bada.

  • nod_nikstar

No update yet in shows that S8500ODDKF1(INU) is the latest firmwarE!!! Dang! when is it gonna b seeded in india??!!

That's why I sold my S8500 9 months back.

  • vera

bada 2 is a perfect os guys itz totally different from bada1 and many apps and games are available now

  • goVR46ce

Yesssssssssss its true I just upgrade my wave 8500 and I live in Macedonia by the way.
Thank you Samsung.

  • Eason


  • Anonymous

No update for germany

  • Dharman(appu)

Luck Like Android Just Look Not Apps....

  • Tw1st3d_ang3l

Looking at the specs of samsung wave s8500 i was very excited to get it but now looking at the fact that BADA has no good apps to use or eve to download so i personally think that BADA SUX and i would definately go for an android or an iphone coz atleast they have got some insane apps

  • shanu

oh~, 27 Jan 2012YES !!!!!!!!u r frm wich region and how did you got the update

  • Anonymous

no update in the uk just checked

  • Amish

There is no free gps maps for Bada in India. Also apps are very less.No similies for text messages. There is lack of interest by bada team to upgrade it, so think ill look for anroid in future

  • jery star

Just take the last letter off its name and that will tell u what kind of os it is.

  • RejZoR

This means if we are lucky, we'll see it in March 2012...

  • saqi

not available in india yet

  • Belochka

Since Samsung have decided to switch to new OS - This might be last BADA OS update as such... Especially so because BADA OS updates are very rare. If there is no Skype and decent (free) navigation - I'll quit BADA an go for Android instead.

  • oh~

YES !!!!!!!!

  • swiss guy

bada 2.1 coming in october 2016, yahoooo!