Oppo demoes under-display front camera

03 June 2019
Oppo is already looking one step ahead in the race to an all screen phone.

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  • Jeanne

GaganAhuja, 03 Jun 2019Can we apply tempered glass on such a phoneNo, not yet

  • Anonymous

Sure is awesome but it's from Oppo, so it means it's garbage. Waiting for legit OEMs to introduce this to the market.

Can we apply tempered glass on such a phone

LG Superfan, 03 Jun 2019Video not playingbecoz you are LG Fan

Yes!!! Finally, the company's got the technology to hide the front camera...GOod Job OppO

  • Anonymous

INSANE......well insane at least before these cameras become normal

  • Gg bruh

Xiaomi did it too

From what I read before, Samsung also did this. Never shown to public because of the inferior and blurry quality. Oppo hyping up this tech. I'm happy more manufacturer trying to develop this quickly. Healthy competition. Show this to Apple. Lol.

But I hope the media articles don't be hyping up stuff with title like "Oppo going to brings under display camera by the end of 2019/early2020!" and
when it end up giving us sh*t quality the media will start bashing them. Media pressure is real.

  • Anonymous

I‘m happy this finally happened. The next goal after that is to implement the rest of the biometric security systems under the display. And eventually, we will even have a notchless iPhone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2019I would settle for no selfie camera phone any day in a week... moreI agree, i would very much be happy to ditch the selfie camera for a normal screen with an aspect ratio between 16:9 and 19:9. On other things, this is a great achievement, if the camera quality is equal to a 5mpx front sensor of 2016 then it's already perfect enough for public availability.

  • Anonymous

I would settle for no selfie camera phone any day in a week, but this is the best solution so far. Good job Oppo!

  • AnonD-628531

Chinese always pushing innovation, give them the respect they deserve. Congrats.

Video not playing

  • Anonymous

Good bye
Notch, punch-hole, and pop-up camera

  • Anonymous

Later some company will copy then and say they the pioneer