Samsung's unannounced GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance shows up

29 January, 2012
The device will bring the Galaxy S line into the dual-core realm. A launch at MWC next month is expected.

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  • AnonD-16260

I just don't understand Samsung,I am a sgs 2 owner,but how many variations of a phone do we need in the market.When you are about to release a new flagship phone namely the S3 soon ,they also have Samsung nexus,different variations of the sgs2 the original sgs plus and she along with the budget handsets ace etc etc.How many phones in a year do Samsung expect people to buy in a year,their marketing ploy just astounds me.

  • AnonD-2663

lmfao... so rather than give existing users an update, samsung suggest they buy a new phone ???

  • killflash70

Finally, a flash included. =)

  • AnonD-26575

What is this;same specs, different design. I love Samsung because of their camera and because they use cheap materials (lower price) but they are pushing their luck.

Why will anyone want a phone that has no hope of Ice Cream?

A phone with 5mp camera when others have moved on?

A galaxy s when we have s2?


  • mediaplayer

You forgot to mention the led flash this one's carrying on it's back. Looks pretty good but I would prefer Samsung would upgrade the I9000 instead of making a new device...

  • AnonD-15279

It's very similar to the Galaxy R specs-wise. I think there's no need for a new model, and the role of this Galaxy S Advance is already taken by the Galaxy R.

  • Anonymous

Who will ever buy the phone, when he knows this phone will never get software updates (Android 4.0 and up)? How Samsung can be serious with it, leaving their original Galaxy S customers angry?

  • OLED

If this uses the same screen quality control as the original first batch Galaxy S1 then I am 100% sold. Tired of this SAMOLED plus and HD SAMOLED random quality issues.

  • Zeus

Why wouldn't you just get an SGSII? I don't get it. Unless this is more than significantly cheaper, it just doesn't make sense.

  • Alan

This is the same as GS. Sorry, Samsung. Fail.

  • Filly

That phone has only 512MB ram. See here­ist=UU6vXntW4kBCqfPVw-kWMdqQ&index=2&fea­ture=plcp Min: 8.04

Thats really sad..

  • Dave

consumer, 29 Jan 2012booooo samsung! we don't need another copy of gs, we already hav... moreThe Galaxy S does not need ICS. Everyone who has an Galaxy S should be upgrading to the Galaxy S 3 when it comes out. Shouldn't be too far away early summer I think.

  • Anonymous

i know how galaxy S owners would be pissed by such a move, but the phone looks pretty good. i can already see a comparison between it, the Xperia U and the HTC Primo. let's just hope Touchwiz doesnt ruin the ICS experience.

AnonD-39334, 29 Jan 2012can't say that it's a budget phone...Yes Me 2.. It isnt a budget phone... Or atleast I dont call it a budget phone..

  • Dude

The GT-I9070 makes use of a dual-core ARMv7 (VFPv3, NEON) CPU and a Mali-400 MP GPU. In this video, we see how its graphics fares by by running some games on it like Plants vs Zombies, Need For Speed: Shift, and Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

  • S2

same design
fed up

  • consumer

booooo samsung! we don't need another copy of gs, we already have gs, and we want to get original ics update on the devices we already have! don't want to pay for another SAME device we already have! never ever again am i buying samsung products. your customer care sucks big time!

  • AnonD-39334

can't say that it's a budget phone...

  • Noda

Cool budget phone from Sammy... Thumbs up