Huawei says phone production is still at full capacity

04 June 2019
Huawei's official spokesperson says the production lines haven't been altered since the US trade ban.

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  • Wassboss

I've just switched to Huawei p30 Pro coming from years of apple. And I strongly belive that huawei is the best I've seen so far. Even if currently the situation might impact a bit but this company will for sure overcome any challenges.

There was indeed a news report that Huawei CEO was spotted with an iPhone. They didn't comment on that ever since afaik. Glad you reminded :)
(though you have to remember: such phuckuppes aren't exclusive to Huawei ;) see Samsung account's tweets sent from an iPhone)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019Even its founder (Ren) doesn't use the company phone himsel... moreAny reference of facts to support your comment?

  • Anonymous

L973, 05 Jun 2019to the "lies" and "keep dreaming" kinda comments... Haven't... moreEven its founder (Ren) doesn't use the company phone himself,
so how ridiculous is it for someone to convince other people to use

  • Anonymous

L973, 05 Jun 2019to the "lies" and "keep dreaming" kinda comments... Haven't... moreRen, he's still use iPhone you know???

  • Anonymous

L973, 05 Jun 2019to the "lies" and "keep dreaming" kinda comments... Haven't... moreChina man bad

Guy works for the Chinese military as a technologist in a communist country that has a say in all companies and pushes for 5G like crazy for whatever reason.

5G battle blah blah. No thanks. We saw how spying killed so many peoples in WW2.

to the "lies" and "keep dreaming" kinda comments... Haven't ever had a Huawei, haven't touched one in some time... but make up your mind people: China man bad or Ren Huawei poor abused guy??

  • Anonymous

They're still in denial.

  • Pajson89

p30 lite is selling better than a50 in my country

  • Anonymous

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So US gouvernment check facebook Id by collaborating with facebook company in the same manner Trump accused Chinese guv with Huawei company...

Same approach...

What else did you expect a company trying to sell you something say?

  • Anonymous

Keep Moving

Luxor, 05 Jun 2019Huawei: Tell the people we still letting production in full... moreHuawei: "Abort production! Abort! Engage total panic mode!"

Huawei PR: "Everything is going A-OK, don't worry and keep buying our stuff. Not that we're desperate for cash or anything..."

Huawei: Tell the people we still letting production in full capacity. We need them to believe in us.

Also Huawei: Stop the f**king production! We ain't got any money!

  • Anonymous

doffaer, 05 Jun 2019Yeah sure, keep dreaming :))

Great! C'mon, Huawei. Bring the Mate X and the Mate 30 Pro to states. Make the deal with Trump. Lick your wounds and rise.

  • Anonymous

Rule of law when they say one thing they mean the opposite...two faced.. when doing business with communists..

  • Blatant


  • doffaer

Yeah sure, keep dreaming