Google Stadia cloud gaming service launches in November, here are all the details

06 June 2019
You can choose between a free and a paid subscription tier, but you'll still have to purchase individual games.

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  • Anonymous

latency is the evil one, mostly on third world country... lol

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2019Even if it makes no difference?What you call "no difference", I despute.

  • Anonymous

Trump Fan 1980, 12 Jun 2019 I have always supported the greatest screen tech. I think... moreEven if it makes no difference?

  • Alisandru

Remember google+, Google wave? Pepperidge farm remembers

Marco M, 11 Jun 20198K is just a screen resolution and in now way represents th... more I have always supported the greatest screen tech. I think I always will.

Trump Fan 1980, 08 Jun 2019 Having said that, 8K is still the best display tech on the... more8K is just a screen resolution and in now way represents they best display technology in itself. The best display technology is the one that brings the highest contrast whilst keeping black as black, , not crushing blacks and same for details in highlights, as well as having the most accurate colors and widest color range etc. The best display tech is currently OLED. An 8K OLED has recently been launched, but even it and it's quite many 88 inches don't have any purpose of 8K over 4K, unless sitting as close as 1.65m / 5.41 feet to it.

So, you look forward to 8K gaming?

Again, why?

Not only is it pointless from a human eye standpoint, but also even 4K gaming is limited today. Not even RTX 2080 Ti makes for a decent 120-144 fps in AAA titles across the board, but around 40-50 fps on new and demanding titles, whilst up to 120 fps in easier ones. Even the four year old Witcher 3 runs between 60-95 fps in 4K. Same for GTA V. Barely keeping a minimum of 60 fps in many year old games isn't that impressive now is it? But hey, the standard 2080 failed at even that so way to go Ti-version. Performance also plummets when activating ray tracing in supported titles.

4K is demanding, 8K is not only pointless, but way beyond even next gen, (and the one after that, and the one after that . . .) GPUs from AMD and nVidia. Not to mention the performance loss that ray tracing brings to the framerate. The point of better GPUs and monitors is better eye candy and realism, and raytracing is definitely in that category so we want this, but AAA titles running at 4K in 120-144Hz is probably 3-5 years away. In 8K? Longer.

8K will require four times as much power as 4k, so don't expect any 8K gaming anytime soon, apart from basic indie titles with high resolution, but otherwise basic graphics.

  • Google

Trump Fan 1980, 08 Jun 2019 Having said that, 8K is still the best display tech on the... morenice joke

Marco M, 07 Jun 2019Why? Even if you are gaming on a 42" monitor, on your de... more Having said that, 8K is still the best display tech on the market, and I like video games. Looking to play 8K games asap.
Your points are taken, although your assertion that 8K is best for camera and/or marketing I don't agree with per se.

  • Anonymous

Will they be giving refunds for the games you've bought when they shelve stadia in a few years?

  • nick

lol, latency will eat it for breakfast ;)

  • Spikeuestions:

-Can I use my nVidia shield with its controller as a platform? Remember Chrome is still not supported on Google tv platform at least on the boxes
-Are these games going to play as good as on high end PCs? And to which high ends are we comparing?
Unless they give us real high quality, it not worth it. The problem with paid streaming monthly services is that their menu is limited. So whether PS now or other services make sense compared to Stadia is debatable to me.
Its so weird that till this day a most of the games on Google play are not supported on the tv, which renders nVidia Shield gaming abilities to limited. When can we get full compatibility and have the same Android with same capabilities on all devices!?

The internet connection is a concern, and whether Google will shut down the service after if it fails, or if we can't have full control over the games are major concerns.

  • †

Daann, 07 Jun 2019i'll get this if I can finally play Red Dead Redemption on Pc...
Bro I think you don't understand the platform
You don't need a PC, PlayStation or Xbox to
play RDR. you just need a TV, Fast Internet
connection and a Stadia Controller.

  • Daann

i'll get this if I can finally play Red Dead Redemption on Pc...

Huge dependency of lag free internet that probably only exists in the developed countries.... You still need to buy games that you want to play, if the free ones aren't your type then shell out cash for games.... limited experience for the games you bought (no 4K for free streaming) when you want to stop subscription.... No way of modding single player games at the moment since game installation would be out of your control and it would be in best interest of Google to make it paid even if at a later date the support gets added.... Sorry Google I am not sold on this idea of losing my control over my games, mods and playing them when i want, lag free..... my alienware with gtx 1070 will serve me well for next couple of years at least....

  • Anonymous

i had low hopes to begin with..and now with release info this is gonna be next ouya lol

1) you still need to buy games. PS Now (albeit limited titles of...hundreds of games) is just subscription only and access to whole library.

2) input lag. Not sure if optional downloads will be available, but that lag on Doom? please, thats a hard NO. PS Now supports limited downloads of PS4 games

3) Free games and exclusive other platform don't already do that (Ps+, Steam sales, Gog, humble bundle, EA origin etc etc). Are we going to get guarantee that will give access to AAA titles? No. So as other commenters pointed, this could be some cheap Indie games (don't get me wrong, some are great like Darkest Dungeon for example, but not all indies are good)

Essentially if you don't already have capable PC or a console already...then it is a maybe. But for its asking price? you might a s well spend a little more and get xbox or PS4

  • Anonymous

So many rules...People should avoid this.

Buy used xbox1/ps4/gaming laptop, you will have better gaming experience!
Plus with gaming laptop you can use it for other tasks.

  • Fajar

The is console is cloud-based device. Btw, the cloud is raining.

I dont see a reason why i should swap my 1000+ euros asus notebook for stadia which is purely for gaming.
When i own 100+ games on and on steam also have 10+ blizzard games
this is definitely not for me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019I will say this is the future of gaming. From cd to digi... moreYes. Unfortunately, gaming companies and publishers need a constant flow of income. Gamer needs are secondary.

If loot boxes is gone, i suspect the next is streaming service. Sony / Microsoft / Google / Apple all wanted in.. all trying all kinds of consoles, software and gimmicks.