Samsung Galaxy Fold might be coming in July

07 June 2019
A conference will be held very soon.

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  • 20 Jun 2019

Huawei mate X folds neatly and very tidy it become a mono block when folded kudos to the real engineering skills and art. The Huawei mate X is brilliant to be seen in all perspective every is put into perfect place. Samsung do the same it can be folded but when you look at it from the top or bottom, there is a huge gap in the bend portion that made it totally imbalance and out of symmetry. The camera lining is very cheap looking its a black plastic occupying in one side with arched unknown formation that doesn't blend to anything. Samsung design is like a busted mind it only capable of making connection and make it work but he doesn't have the idea how to arranged it.Untidy.....

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    • 4xf
    • 09 Jun 2019

    Saw the video GSMARENA comparison of the fold & mate both appear totally impractical! Fold is somewhat small but is easy to use, while mate screen looks better but hard to open & operate. The main problem is the life use of the product both gives me the impression of 2 weeks max. Fold screen will peel off while mate looks like it will snap off. With the pricing of their products people would have to be crazy buying it at the said price knowing the said flaws. If they sold it at disposable products prices then no problem for making sells say 5$?

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      • 09 Jun 2019

      Kangal, 08 Jun 2019It's coming in July, awesome! But which year tho?Possibly this century, but if not, this millennium for sure!

        It's coming in July, awesome!
        But which year tho?

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          • 07 Jun 2019

          New and improved. Guaranteed to last 2 days instead of 1

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            • 07 Jun 2019

            Then again it might not

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              • 07 Jun 2019

              be prepair to have another bunch of problems, problems only discovered by "reviewers" and not the manufactor itself! meh

                They said for around 4 years now :-/
                Samsung always talking to much.

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                  • 07 Jun 2019

                  Folding models are chances to be fail...

                    My personal advice to samsung.
                    To prevent any more blame and a fatal damage to your company feel free to send another 20 units to youtubers and celebrities for testing.
                    Othervise you could have bigger problem than you can even think for.