Counterpoint: Online smartphone sales in India reach new heights in Q1 2019

10 June 2019
Flipkart is the preferred destination, Xiaomi devices are best sellers.

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  • Anonymous

Why is the tech community suddenly talking a lot about India? What's so special about it

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2019MAGA 2020MAGA2020????
Whats that?
I have no idea or clue.

  • Elam

I didnt see any of our indian brands are listed!!

Dear Friends,
Its time for us to wake up and please boost of our Indian brands. Just allow them to grow come up at least in our country. Even you can allow them to do mistake, definitely, they will change themselves and will supply quality products in future.
Jai Hind!!

  • Tae ng Pilipinas

Samsung still playing catch up with chinese brands xiaomi/redmi and oppo/realme.

So glad to see the 8% market share for Asus from the previous year. The Max line was a good alternative to the Redmi series but now with the RealMe, it has a tough competition. As for the Zenfone 5z, it is a really nice phone for the price, except for the camera. But in that price range, I don't know any phone that has a good camera. Let's see how they price the 6z and how well the market will respond to it.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 10 Jun 2019With their pricing is only logical. By the way most peopl... moreMAGA 2020

  • AnonD-706668

I this happened due to Redmi Note 7 Pro with Sony 1/2 camera sensor with such a low price

With their pricing is only logical.
By the way most people rather buy phone from own country where is manufactured tan buying from others.
And supporting USA nowdays is just as bad decision as commited suicide.