IDC: Apple bleeds market share as EMEA smartphone sales drop in Q1

12 June 2019
Fast growth in Africa and stagnation everywhere else.

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Truth, 14 Jun 2019Only non experience person will say that. Stuck in endless ... moreTruth, if you REALLY wish to know the truth without any bias, please try the pixel and then talk. Once you try it, most probably you won't be going back, unless you are wedded to ios!

acemang, 13 Jun 2019All i said in the socks example can be said in apple vs and... moreVery well said. In fact anyone who bashes android, should use pixel for few weeks and make the comparison with ios. Having experienced both, the pixel experience is simply superb and nothing else comes close. Unfortunately how many are aware of it.

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Apple needs to innovate like huawei and Samsung or they will go into oblivion like Nokia

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019android fans will defend android even if it blows up in the... moreI've 3 iPads (mini 2, mini 4 and Air), and several iPods. I know what is best in each domain, in tablets Apple still the king, music players for day to day use, also. in Smartphones not really. I'm far from Android Fan. I had iPhones, Blackberries, Nokia N9 with meego (my favorite) and for the last 3 years I went to Android. I make my day to day work 10x faster on an Android Device than on an iPhone device. I work with both in my job (I make apps for both ecosystems) and it's a pain when I've to do builds for iphones, in android I just need to copy the build to google drive, open it in my device and bang app ready to be tested. For people that just needs to go to social media, surf web, and take a few pictures to post on Instagram, any 150 euros phone will do the job, but I guess branding is still a thing in 2019...

Truth, 14 Jun 2019Only non experience person will say that. Stuck in endless ... moreI dont about you but I had 6imacs 2MacBook Pro and used iPhone till 5th generation. Now I use windows for my edits. It's upto you. Buy as many as apples. I am out of million never going back. iTunes is the worst app any company ever created, so finally they removed, I know years before.

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019Why you think that Huawei is threat for Apple in US if any ... moreBecause Huawei out-innovated Samsung and Apple, which is acknowledged by people all over the world except America.

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aknsreddy, 13 Jun 2019Fiat of all apple is not great tech solution for desktops o... moreOnly non experience person will say that. Stuck in endless Windows world.. getting scammed and scamming others, syskey crap, registry corruption, installer shit, lag slow windows. Or endless tweaking of Android.. downloading all kinds of useless apps just to make other useless apps to work.

Apple has the greatest tech in desktop world. It can run virtual machines of all known OS. Making it jack of all trades, able to run all software known to man. But with all that power, it's also very easy to use.

Its Phones, is a central hub to all other Apple devices, CarPlay, airplay, auto tethering, apple watch all works flawlessly. Can't say that for android auto, wear os, or other android offerings. Thats the reason when you have to proof a point on android, you have to dig thru countless android phones just to make a positive point. iPhone is just iPhone. Any from 6 series to the current XS, all are as good, and can function well. And that's why Apple is suffering, because the phone they create is just too good, no one will buy new ones.

Tech should help you.. instead of giving you headaches. As far as i can see.. Windows and Android only gives you headaches. Simple, ease to adopt, that is advance tech.

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019android fans will defend android even if it blows up in the... moreOh so you are trolling, cool.

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acemang, 13 Jun 2019All i said in the socks example can be said in apple vs and... moreandroid fans will defend android even if it blows up in their faces lol

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019That's because the average income in India is lower than th... moreFiat of all apple is not great tech solution for desktops or phones. Many think same.
If everyone is rich they are more liberated to think what ever they want, definitely not self boasting tech superiors.
If everything is free there are many definitely won't pick apple.

Go get a life, meanwhile we have more interesting stuff from every technology innovation. Not advertisements, it's innovations matter.

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019Haha! The socks example was just an example for the sake of... moreAll i said in the socks example can be said in apple vs android products. guess you didnt get that.

Going through your points:
- inconsistent user uexperience. First, it's not true, if you are brand loyal like in apple. You will get pretty much consistent experience. Second UI/UX is constant evolving, so even if it's true what you say, that's not a bad thing. because usually the changes are for the better not for the worst. apple stoped in time 10 years ago.

- inconsistent user interface design. Again not true if you go for same brand in android world. All new changes from that brand are welcome, because they are for better UI/UX experience. Having different brands with different UI is also good because you can choose what is the most confortable for you. With apple you get what apple wants..nothing else.

- inconsistent compatibility and connectivity with other devices. don't know what you are talking. never seen any problem with any device I worked, and I make apps for a living (for apple and android) and worked with lots of different devices.

- insecure, no way to make your data inaccessible to other parties. If you thing apple is secured, you are more sheep than I thought. Did you saw the video about an hacker showing how to get to your whatsapp account? you thought it was all encrypted and secured right?

- many security holes. If you go to the most secured phones Samsung, apple and blackberry are on top (and other brands with android dedicated for security).
If this was so important, people didn't use google/facebook services, or any other american company they all collect data. If this was the n.1 problem we all were using Blackberry bb10 OS. I had one, I never had a device so secure than it. Guess people don't care about it, because they changed to android.

- APIs designed to allow user monitoring and tracking. Did you saw the news that lot's of apple apps were collecting data that they should not? Again if this is a problem, stop using google/facebook apps. API in android 9 and 10 are way more secure than you thing.

- as you mentioned, inconsistent updates and short product life cycle. Short life when we talk about changing a phone 2 or 3 and 3 years are irrelevant. If you want a phone to last 4 or 5 or maybe more, yes I agree go for an iphone. but for the price you can buy 3 androids every 2 years....guess it will be the same if you think about it.

- play store filled with buggy apps. True. But you take a second to uninstall them. and since the offer is way larger than in ION, you can choose from one that will fit you. Usually free apps are worst, but you get what you pay. Paid apps in Android are usually very good like in IOS. but Still, I agree that apple have better apps. but we are not talking about a storte that have 10 apps we are talking about store that have millions of them. so it's irrelevant because in those millions you will find very good apps in both ecosystems. It will take more time in android, i agree.

- play store apps that contain malware and adware which can gain root access to your device. It's more smoke than fire. You see in the news that an app add malware, so you assume that all store is filled with malware. Thats not the case. its 0.0001% of apps that can or have this problem. This is not a REAL problem , its more a news for selling more news.

- apps that steal your contacts, notes, scan your emails, etc. Again security, this is all same point, dont repeat. Use an blackberry bb10 if security is your concerne. And what you are saying I can do that in iOS, that's not hard. Guess you see to much news.

- apps that close unexpectedly or need to be force closed. Apple apps have the same, but they close automatic, so you don't know that the app crashed. On android they freeze and you need to close them yourself. That happens when a major update is introduced in an IOS or android version that breaks old code. the programmers needs to updates their code. You just need to wait for that. And that is good because usually those huge updates are for our security/protection.

- needs enormous amounts of RAM to get decent performance. Not true anymore. Android memory managment are better now in Android than IOS.

- needs high-end CPU to get decent performance, whereas iPhones work great even in their 4th year of use. Not true for the last 2/3 years, my friend with an xiaomi mi a1, with a snapdragon 625, have fluid experience in her android one phone. it costed 150 euros.

- support is limited and you don't get the same level of support you get from Apple. true, but you pay much less. I don't know what you mean about support, but in 10 years I never needed one. Guess Americans need to talk with someone when they don't know how to go back from an app to another.

- inconvenient warranty procedures, as you need to send your device to a service centre and it might not even get repaired or replaced. With Apple, you get Apple Stores almost everywhere, and everything is organised there. You get replacements and fixes fast and easy. Not true again. Here where I live we are protected by the law, if it have a problem in 30 days you can have a full refund or a new device, not only smartphones of any brand. after that the store gives you 2 years of warranty. not 1 like in America. I just need to send the device to the store I buy, and they resolve the issue for you. they call you when it's done. There are brands that they will pick your device in your home, and they will send the replaced to your home. You don't need to move a finger.

- you cannot use android and the play store without being tied to google's tracking services. You can use Apple devices without ever touching a google webpage or service.
If play store is from google, ofc you will be tied google services. But in android you can install other stores (you don't need to root for that). In apple you can't. You are tied to apple store (if you don't jailbreak it)

- android offers products in exchange for users' private data and some money. Apple offers products and only asks for money. Not true, you can have any level of privacy with android. You can choose what ever you want to share. And it's way transparent now than a year a ago, or even months ago. Again In android you can choose what you want. You can ignore all google services if you want, even you can just not use google play. On apple you get what apple wants. and what apples want you don't just assume.

- you don't get an amazing ecosystem with android. Whereas everything just works with Apple devices, especially when you connect them together, along with Apple's services, and use them all to their full potential. In android you have way more options that those amazing ecosystem you are talking. You need to buy from a small brands that are compatible with apple devices, and apple brand only have a few of them. In android you have WAY more options for all wallets. Apple you only have products for 1 wallet, and you know what wallet I'm talking about. Even with that amazing ecosystem, if you check apple forums you see that there are lots of products that don't work like your talking. I know that, i've products that just don't work well on apple and they where made for them.
Apple works fine with 3 or 4 products, but Android you can have 10000. ofc it's more difficult to make 10000 products compatible, that's the trade off of having the freedom to choose vs obligated to buy what the companie want's you to buy to work well. in my county that's called monoply and is forbiden by law.

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019They keep buying them for any or all of these reasons: 1... moreI told you that we (humans) are dumb enough to buy something only because it's more expensive.

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019Haha! The socks example was just an example for the sake of... moreYou just based android listing stuff that don't happen on Android, stop lying.

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019They keep buying them for any or all of these reasons: 1... moreThis just explains what I said before. They buy iphones because they want to show that they have more money.

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019They keep buying them for any or all of these reasons: 1... morehahaahahahaahaaa, there's a small group of people who pirate their apps, and there's iOS apps that has adware so what you said is invalid. Use an actual flagship android phone before you comment ok?

Dr. Chillo, 13 Jun 2019Maybe it's time to Apple lower their prices. I mean they ca... moreApple never going to decrease prices for their flagships, so is Samsung and Huawei....but Samsung and Huawei cleverly cater to their varying customer needs making their mid-rangers sensibly without making major compromises(XR for example made huge compromises on display, screen size, battery, WiFi, modem, camera, 3D touch and not so cheap for a mid-ranger category).... Apple continue to post higher earnings as long as it can by tinkering features, paint job etc...the decrease in sales only continue but it will take bit longer to see RIM's fate due to its native adoption by sizeable loyal fan base in USA. Others will simply exit the ecosystem

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019They keep buying them for any or all of these reasons: 1... moreOk then go buy an iPhone. Fact is Apple is sinking. Cook and co need ppl like you so they and the investors can make more money. I am sure you conveniently ignored apple degraded performances of older phones through software updates so they can buy new phones. They are heavily betting on services to squeeze as much as possible from their customers. Their customer base is decreasing at a faster pace. If a phone is an adware, then TV is an adware. From sports to reality shows to TV series, everything is an adware according to your logic.

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019I would buy a kia. It's way better than mercedes in terms o... moreThey keep buying them for any or all of these reasons:

1. Think they are getting more bang for they buck as they are getting more storage and more RAM for what an iPhone of the same price offers. Consider it's a cheaper deal.
2. Think android apps are free (in reality they are adware) or that it's less expensive to own android apps than it is to own them in the Apple ecosystem. They it's cheaper to go the android way.
3. They love being able to download and install cracked apps, torrents, and pirated music and videos. (they can't afford to pay for all these and use them legally)
4. Think Apple is evil because they don't follow google's scheme of cutting prices in exchange for pushing ads to their users. (fanboys)
5. They embrace google's practices and would like all companies to offer lower prices in exchange for ads. (fanboys)
6. Some buy devices which offer outdated features for old tech (EOL) such as 3.5mm jacks, SD card slots, IR blaster, etc.
7. They might buy into the "customization" options that android offers, but don't realise those almost never work in such a way that they offer a consistent environment and experience. (incomplete icon packs, launchers with bugs and battery drain, broken gestures, visual glitches, etc.)

And if you are to summarize all of this, it all comes down to costs. They feel they are getting more stuff for cheaper. (bigger screens, bigger storage, cheaper/free apps, ability to use pirated content)

iPhone XS - 64GB = £949
Samsung S10 - 128GB = £799 (double storage and £150 cheaper)

iPhone XS Max - 64GB = £1,049
Samsung S10+ - 128GB = £899 (double storage and £150 cheaper)

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acemang, 13 Jun 2019Huawei have a better marketing machine, Huawei android ski... moreNo, it's more like apple users are switching to samsung while samsung users are switching to huawei.
It's like apple users realized how expensive is apple's ecosystem and that android is not as bad as they thought. While samsung users are getting huawei because they realized that chinese doesn't mean bad quality it's even better than samsung while offering better value.

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019Using android and/or chinese-designed-and-made devices has ... moreYour point would be valid only if apple was better than huawei which is totally wrong.