Samsung Galaxy Note10 screen protectors show centered punch hole

18 June 2019
The upcoming Galaxy Note will come in at least two sizes.

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  • lol

I hope one model will have no notch and front camera will make clack pictures, I will buy that at full price.

I don't care for the punch hole but it is better in the middle than in the corner.

ProJames-CHM, 19 Jun 2019FYI, Samsung doesn't manufacture in China anymore. Most of their... moreMan you forgot to say where.
I dont spread misinformations.

So again and i speak about S9plus 256GB.­xy-s9-plus-g965f-256gb-dual-sim/

This site works simmilar to google search it will search trough all shops which offer this products for sale here in Slovakia and among like 60 different shops company known as chytre elektro have it for 688,67 euros which is cheapest price.
Then other companies sells the S9 plus 256GB for more with the most expensive sold by company for 1058,43 and we speaking about a phone which is 16 months old.

For the next time if you dont know my freind feel free to ask its better than telling i am liar spreading nonsense which is according to what i posted a complete lie.

By the way even S8 plus on same pages cost from 385 euros up to 925 depends on vendor.­xy-s8-plus-g955f-64gb/

I am curious what you will reply now.

Who ever decided to put the front camera in the middle like a finger needs to be fired and this design changed ASAP to the corner again.

Samsung DONT RUIN the NOTE 10 !!!! this circle in the middle ruins the look of the phone. the eyes dont focus n the corner much while looking at objects. we dont want the camera infront of our faces like that in the middle of the screen

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2019Punch hole, bezel , notch , teardrop thing, full screen ...I'm n... moreYou can paste a piece of black sticker (whatever shape) on your desire display after that remove it, see whether which blocking suitable to your taste.

  • Anonymous

Centered punch hole is better.

  • khilazd

Whats the point of putting the camera in the middle when its a punch-hole. I don't get, is it better than the "infinity u" display please either make it like the s10 or forget

Stondec100, 18 Jun 2019You clearly have no clue what the Note series is all about. Just... moreYes mate fully aware of the functions ive worked in the mobile industry, I was just passing an opinion. As this is for your education a forum.

good balanced design, but why the back camera now off centered ...

Yeah, that bezel is what I'm talking about

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2019Punch hole, bezel , notch , teardrop thing, full screen ...I'm n... moreYes, it is not a weakness but a jeopardize to the view fields and top notch experience. Try this yourself, cut a black paper and stick on the display, choose the shape and area you desire stick it on and enjoy.

Remember: these are ALL based on the sole leaks from Ice Universe and OnLeaks, the case that was made recently is also based on one of the kitty's tweet.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2019As an illustrator shouldn't you be using something better than a... moreI don't know what you mean by 'not accomplish' but I am using a wacom cintiq pro as main driver with my desktop. I want a note so that I can sketch and draw when I'm travelling or away from my desktop. Ipad is too big for me.

That's the purpose of note and ipad, as secondary driver, you should understand this just by simple and logical

CptPower, 18 Jun 2019haha funny. Every or most phones are made by china mostly foxc... moreFYI, Samsung doesn't manufacture in China anymore. Most of their production is in Korea or Vietnam.
The S9 prices were much lower than the figures you have given. The MAXIMUM was 1K EUR for the S9+ 256GB, not the minimum. The minimum was 800 EUR for the S9 64GB.

Please stop spreading misinformation.

  • Aadrian

The size of the normal Note10 is the sweet spot for a Note, at least for me.

Make me a 7,2 inch and im on... Or 6,8 inch with 16:6 ratio, hope this ratio will come back agian one day please.

  • Bobcat

someone, 18 Jun 2019lol..u don't seem to have used screen protectors in life. Learn ... moreOK fancy pant i sorry. i dont use this sceane. protractor in daily commutation . maybe i learn some of finer naunces of using screane protractor
thankyou my friend


MG7, 18 Jun 2019Finally, chin is gone completelyNot completely gone since i still see a thin chin.

  • someone

Bobcat, 18 Jun 2019he is right you know it does look like a peice of glass with a l... morelol..u don't seem to have used screen protectors in life. Learn first what is a screen protector and how do they look..lmao !!!!!

  • Bobcat

someone, 18 Jun 2019Well it is sheet of glass with punctured area .... what are you ... morehe is right you know it does look like a peice of glass with a little hole in the top/ that is a very observant observation/

why does it have a black line around it