Xiaomi CEO announces CC series, explains what it means

21 June 2019
There were no actual smartphones in the announcement.

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  • Anonymous

LOL the jokes here are funny as heck haha then again so is Xiaomi's ugly phones and even uglier ad-riddled MIUI software.

Great more Xiaomi phones that are only slightly different to one's they already have. This is why they're reducing the length of time they offer software updates to their phones. There's too many

  • Anonymous

Copycat is bad, they all(vendor) are copy one anothers.

  • Abu Talha

That is great of Xiaom. Xiaomi is the best phone making compani. It is very good. I hope the phone sanpdragon 855 chipset leatest and game turbo 3.0, super amoled display, in display fingerprint 9gn, 5 camera etc.

  • Anonymous

Yeah CC means Copy and Cat, aka CopyCat.

CopyCat 9 phones

IpsDisplay, 21 Jun 2019Don't say this to me this cannot be, seriously?They said they want to focus more on the mix series. There's lots of rumors floating around twitter that the max series already got discontinued altogether already

That's just really freaking stupid.

  • DracoNoOni

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2019CC stands for steal Creativity by CopyingAnd? Whats the matter of copiyng something developed by another?.... because of copy, samsung and apple create a better fingerprint scanner by copy motorola who add this in their phones in 2012, and because of the copying others marks create the fingerprint scanner in the screen, and because of copying oppo create a 90hz screen using Amoled tech, something samsung never create, and because of coying when samsung create the first 8core processor on his samsung s6, qualcom run to pay samsung for the thech that make that possible and now we have gammers proccessors. ant etc etc etc

Is not bad to copy, much more if you improve that tech.

  • AnonD-819322

Most overrated phone company. Anyone can break these phones by bending them with your own hands,

Hehe, 21 Jun 2019Xiaomi's CEO already confirmed they won't release max or no... moreDon't say this to me this cannot be, seriously?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2019CC stands for steal Creativity by CopyingCarbon Copy. But I hope others also copy the Zenfone, it's not a bad idea
It's not like this sort of thing isn't commonplace, look at that huge notch on the poco

  • Anonymous

CC stands for steal Creativity by Copying

  • Kikiki

Fayth, 21 Jun 2019CC - Carbon CopyHahahaha. So true no one is better at "CTRL+C" than MIUI.

Theres a new phone design to copy

New line of xiaomi phone

"Lei Jun also added that young people have the desire to be seen and heard, they love to take photos and share their beauty with everyone"

So, this is a phone designed for attention-seeker. Emphasizing the narcissistic culture of the youth. Such a nice message this CC series trying to bring to the world. -_-

"There were no phones in the announcement ..." lol

even copying takes a bit more time ...
The hype about stealing the "Flip Camera" that quickly, was a bit to early.

Creative means by Shamee - CC copycat

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2019They can start their quest to be creative by not stealing a... moreno, they wont ...
creative = copying - for them.

  • DimmuBorgir

Comes from CopyCat

This will definitely kill the budget Huawei lineup entirely, together with the Redmi brand

  • Anonymous

all articles about cc phones just have one concept pink photo
so whats next?

  • Hehe

IpsDisplay, 21 Jun 2019Just waiting on the mi max 4Xiaomi's CEO already confirmed they won't release max or note this year