Huawei unveils nova 5, nova 5 Pro and nova 5i

21 June 2019
The nova 5 Pro comes with Kirin 980, the nova 5 has the new Kirin 810, built on the 7 nm process.

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Huawei booming through mobile market.

  • sdfsdf

NipponFan, 22 Jun 2019Flooding the market with so much mobile phones. Why? Releas... morethere is demand for their products, thats why they produce a lot. Outside of China, they are very popular in Asia and Africa.

Samsung is the one who started the trend of flooding the market to see what works, no complaints there coz they are korean right? Such hipocrisy.

you can't protect ur beloved iPhones forever, unless u take steps like the US govnt.

According to, huawei's online store,
the price of nova 5 is :
8GB+128GB cny2799 (eur358)($407)

and the Operating System is:
EMUI 9.1.1(based on Android 9 developer)

NipponFan, 22 Jun 2019Flooding the market with so much mobile phones. Why? Releas... moreif sam can do it , why cant wawei ?

  • Anonymous

Nova 5i is MORE value-for-money because it has the INCLUDED essentials namely 3.5mm jack & microsd slot as STANDARD which consumers need, if they don't mind the lack of NFC & punch-hole display. Plus it FINALLY has USB Type-C support over previous Nova 3i !! This also comes with 128GB storage / 6GB RAM as the base configuration!!

The other Nova 5 Series uses PROPRIETARY NM cards which is OVERPRICED$$ imho unlike "OPEN SOURCE" microsd cards. They both lack 3.5mm jack as well. So the price offered by Nova 5 & Nova 5 Pro simply does not justify the price for the lack of essentials.

If you are currently using Nova 3, i would advise you to please skip Nova 5 due to lack of essentials.

Flooding the market with so much mobile phones. Why? Release a few flagships, couple of midrangers and a few budget phones. Not 35 models per year.. Europe is over taxing citizens for plastic pollution and green energy while the Chinese government gives 0 f__s and allows such mass production of products

  • ChineseShill

kafa, 21 Jun 2019I'd take this or Honor 20 over any 'flagship killer' crap f... moreAnd I'll take Xiaomi over any overpriced Huawei crap

chrisdadi, 21 Jun 2019 moreThey were actually inducted back in and NM was a thing before this entire ban

Just what kinda pricing is that. Who would buy Nova 5 when Nova 5 Pro with 40W charging and Kirin 980 costs just $30 more. Nova 5 is actually expensive as it just has Kirin 810 and no 40W charging.

right always, 21 Jun 2019once i bought a huawei phone rated a lot by all the youtube... moreThanks for the vague criticism

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2019What bother me the most is the *hitty NM format instead of ... morethey are banned from using SD, not like they had a choice

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Too nany phones coming out everyday ,weekly abd monthly,now i think i will wait till 10years so the best would have been made not gonna be changing phone every month or year...great phone with great price but whats its Android future

I think there is a problem The Nova Nova Nova 5 Pro are at the same price!

  • Anonymous

What bother me the most is the *hitty NM format instead of Micro SD. Why Huawei why?

  • skyfly

Too many devices. Too many.

  • Usa ka bhosda

cruizer, 21 Jun 2019Nova 5 and Nova 5 Pro have the same price ($435) for 8 GB R... moreThat’s weird

CompactPhones5ever, 21 Jun 2019...And all of them are exactly the same stupid oversized ph... moreExactly. All new phones are today glass giants. The only exception is Pixel 3a, but it's not available everywhere sadly and overpriced a bit.

...And all of them are exactly the same stupid oversized phablets.

How hard would it be to give customers a size to choose from? Nova 5i would be 5.5", Nova 5 would be 6.2" and Nova 5 Pro would be 6.5" - boom, now everyone can choose how big phone they want. But noooooooooo