Huawei unveils nova 5, nova 5 Pro and nova 5i

21 June 2019
The nova 5 Pro comes with Kirin 980, the nova 5 has the new Kirin 810, built on the 7 nm process.

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  • Anonymous

last breathe of ARM/Google license

  • T M

That green looks awesome.

once i bought a huawei phone rated a lot by all the youtuber's and it was a disaster..! never buy huawei stuff all are over rated..!

kafa, 21 Jun 2019I'd take this or Honor 20 over any 'flagship killer' crap f... moreIt’s really up to you which one you prefer, the only difference is the skin on top of android and chipset The prices are the almost the same

  • Zero

That Kirin 810 looks solid CPU wise
But GPU wise it will have some very bad time

Great phones but global version will prolly be very scarce as the Nova 3 and 4 where,and depth sensor and the macro cams seem gimmicky..good phones regardless.

  • Anonymous

why dont they announce all models for all the world and each region has its own names, models, specs?

  • Anonymous

will be released in rest of the world?

Amidst the US restrictions, Huawei is like "The show must go on".

Let's see how the Kirin 810 benchmarks.

  • kafa

DimmuBorgir, 21 Jun 2019good effort for the new CPUs but the hell is the big deal a... moreNova 5/pro have metal frame and I assume back is glass since nova 3 had glass back.

  • kafa

I'd take this or Honor 20 over any 'flagship killer' crap from Xiaomi.

  • DimmuBorgir

good effort for the new CPUs but the hell is the big deal anyway, SAME phones day in and day out, just painted differently.
No IP68 let alone military standards. Cheap plastic phones and a heavy UI every time

  • cruizer

Nova 5 and Nova 5 Pro have the same price ($435) for 8 GB RAM/128 GB storage variant? Must be a mistake...?

  • sj643

was waiting for this article