Xiaomi discontinues Mi Max and Mi Note lines

21 June 2019
The two series aren’t officially discontinued yet but it's not looking too optimistic.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2019I love Mi Max series, Lei Jun please bring back Mi Max phone !!!!We r eagerly waiting for me max big size screan smart phone

  • T. C Mi Max 3

Xaiomi Mi Max 3 is the best device I have ever had in the price point handsdown, and the battery life is thee very best it last All Day Long I go to work very early in the morning and by the time I am on my way home My Mi Max 3 Still Has 65% Battery Life Left after very hard and heavy usage of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Streaming Videos, Phone Calls, Texting, Surfing the Internet This Unit Design Is Awesome and Deserves to be Upgraded to the Next Level Mi Max 4 Mi Max 4 Pro I Look Forward to seeing the Mi Max 5 and Mi Max 5 Pro
New: Mi Max Devices are Surely needed a heavy hitter No Question Simply the Best Pound for Pound
If you ask me without spending a whopping $$$$.$$ amount of monies Xiaomi Mi Max Line can do the same things a flagship device can do With No Problems MiMaxLine ForEver! 👍

  • Anonymous

I love Mi Max series, Lei Jun please bring back Mi Max phone !!!!

  • Anonymous

xiaomiuser, 26 Jun 2019Well that is a bummer - the ONLY Xiaomi phone that I will s... moreIf honor also stop the max, how? Is it extendable screen will works on you or only the Samsung Note 10? Looks like rolling display phone could be the future for fans.

  • brasscupcakes

Corsair, 22 Jun 2019they can buy a MiPad 8. Even larger, even bigger battery. L... morei'd love to get a mipad but no LTE band 4 which enables N.A. 4G. Max 3 has LTE 4.

Well that is a bummer - the ONLY Xiaomi phone that I will support is the MI MAX series. If they stop the MAX, then I will move to a different company.
I am hoping this is just a Xiaomi tactic - announce that they are stopping the MAX series so that customers buy the remaining stock of MI MAX 3 phones, before launching the MI MAX 4.
My two x MI MAX 3 phones are perfect for me, I have no other desire to buy anything different than a MI MAX.
XIAOMI - PLEASE continue the MI MAX series !!!!!

  • Dino

Melard The Handsome, 24 Jun 2019I waited for a long time and accumulated some money for tha... moreI know, what do we do now? Maybe buy a Mi Max 3 before they're all gone?

  • 7" user

Marco M, 24 Jun 2019Mi Note was downgraded to mid-range at the end, SD660 inste... moreExactly. A comfortable browsing/ document reading/ video watching starts on a 7" display, ideally with 16:9. 6+" (18-19:9) is poor.

  • Melard The Handsome

I waited for a long time and accumulated some money for that. Disappointed -_-

Ascorth, 23 Jun 2019Mi Note is flagship phabet.. slowly replaced by Mi Mix ser... moreMi Note was downgraded to mid-range at the end, SD660 instead of SD8XX-series.

Mi Max and Redmi Note are a far cry apart from eachother. on the point that is the whole purpose of the Max-series, size.

I got the Mi Mix 3 as I grew tired of waiting for a more powerful Max with SD660/670/710, but it is very small in comparsion to the Max line. I was looking forward to a Mi Max 4 this summer, so I could get a decent sized phone again. Hopefully they're just skipping a year and will launch a new Max next year.

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2019I have no problem with Xiaomi discontinuing android updates... moreCheck your charger or reset your phone. Opening the Max is also easy and you can physically inspect if the battery is getting "bloated".

What you describe is not common behavior for the 1st gen Mi Max (Prime), which I have on latest firmware. It charges just fine with my QC charger from Aukey :-)

  • Anonymous

Mi Max 4 is an inauspicious number for Chinese.
Time to get a price-cut Mi Max 3 now!!!

Mi Note is flagship phabet.. slowly replaced by Mi Mix series, anyone need flagship phabet will choose Mi Mix..

Mi Max is affordable phabet.. slowly replaced by bezeless redmi note series, same experience with better ergonomic.

So, it make sense for xiaomi to put resource on right direction.

  • milestone2

Xiaomi is on the deadline...

  • erwin ang

whats wrong with mi max line ? i think it can accepted as some users have big fingers, weak eyes to see in small display, and not mention the excitement watching video in bigger display. xiaomi only push their "big handset lover" consumer to other brands then.

But why? Phablets have no competition! Only the Mate 20 X but that's a high end phone, there's nothing in the low or mid range.

  • antozz

I was very very disappointed, almost every day waiting for the news that the mi max 4 will be launched. I hope any the best brand that will release this segment. I hope Samsung or honor Max 9x

  • Anonymous

I have no problem with Xiaomi discontinuing android updates for three year old phones like my first Xiaomi phone - the Mi Max Prime.

What I absolutely abhor about Xiaomi is it's surreptitious, stealthy disabling of fast charging in the last few software updates for those older (2 years or older Xiaomi phones) that Xiaomi INTENTIONALLY slows down the charging rate and disguises it as a MIUI bug without offering further updates to correct the outrageously slow 200mA charging rate. This rate is drastically down (90% lower for crying out loud!) from fast charging and even regular charging rate which outputs a minimum of 2000mA. And there's nothing you can do about it other than throw away your Xiaomi phone and not buying another Xiaomi phone ever!

Or if you do buy a new one, to avoid installing the last few MIUI software updates that are meant to kill your 2-3 year old Xiaomi phone. That's PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE, XIAOMI STYLE. BE SERIOUSLY WARNED. If you have an older Xiaomi phone
approaching 2 years old or older (Ex. Xiaomi Pocophone F1), AVOID/DO NOT EVER INSTALLI ANY MIUI software update. It will mysteriously render your Xiaomi phone's fast charging to ultra slow charging you'd wish you've never updated. And with MIUI 10 and above, Xiaomi intentionally disabled rollback to older MIUI software that didn't have the ultra slow charging 'ENGINEERED' bug.

  • reimbe

What a pity ! I love my MI Max 3. It's an almost unbeatable combination of performance and price. You don't have to worry about charging every day. Even when I use GPS a lot at the end of the day there is sufficient juice left.

I too was really looking forward and held off buying another phone they just lost a costumer maybe permanently ...