Xiaomi discontinues Mi Max and Mi Note lines

21 June 2019
The two series aren’t officially discontinued yet but it's not looking too optimistic.

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Crappy lte support equals crappy sales who would have guessed. Too bad that lesson will not be learned.

  • rtx3080

notlikinghugedevices, 21 Jun 2019This is not exactly true. Xiaomi discontinued not Mi Note ... moreThe Chinese can not be trusted, and the end users are omitted

  • Max

That is unfortunate, i was eagerly waiting for Mi Max 4 Pro, was a user of Mi Max 2 and must say the battery life alone was more than enough for me to consider it as my primary device. Now will have to settle for a 5000 mah battery phones.

This is sad, Xiaomi won't have a large screen entry for GSMArena's 2019 buyer's guide in November. Hopefully they'll bring it back next year or revive it in some form or another. I'll have to get my hands on one somehow, but I'll get the Pocophone F1 first...

That doesn't mean that Mi Max variant won't be replaced. It just that the Mi naming does not cater the cheaper-priced variants anymore. Maybe Mi Max would trickle down to the Redmi with different naming convention, "maybe". We'll see with the future releases.

  • Mahee

Please dont my ♥. I love max 4

  • Corsair

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2019Very bad news!! Millions of people were waiting for mi ... morethey can buy a MiPad 8. Even larger, even bigger battery. Lets call it MiMax 8 for psychological reasons.

  • Anonymous

they should discontinue the Mix too

  • Kevin

I can understand what direction they're going to. My guess is they will release a phablet phone under the Redmi brand which is totally fine by me.

  • user

I think Xiaomi knows well that many users are waiting for Mi Max 4/Pro and this segment (ultra big screen) does not conflict with other segments. Maybe they have difficulties in component supply.

  • 0000

If that's the case, I'm okay if the US also ban Xiaomi :)

  • 0000

IpsDisplay, 22 Jun 2019Noooooooooooooooooo , this is the king of niche gone sigh ... moreI'm also sad, Max series is my only Go-to series in xiaomi line up. I guess I'll be switching to another brand; Honor 9x Max perhaps? (Don't care about the US ban )

Fortunately I didn't wait for the Mi Max 4, I bought a Mi Max 3 before stock ran out and I'm very happy with the phone, it's a real beauty.

Noooooooooooooooooo , this is the king of niche gone sigh how am I going to get 20 plus hours of screen on time now sigh man

  • Anonymous

so my big fat fingers is a waste then.. wtf xiaomi

  • 0000

we want mi max 3 with ips display, side fps and large display and battery! i was waiting for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time for max 4 to come!

  • Frank

Buyers will discontinue Xiaomi either

  • Anonymous

Can't have any phablets when their new cashcow is folders!

  • Centilmen

If XIAOMI dont product MAX, MI will be go down. MI MAX is flagship of MI.

  • Anonymous

*National Geographic voice*: Here, we observe a Chinese brand, once thought to be only for those that demanded only the most value for the money, slowly leave that kind of reputation behind and climb the ladder of brands.