Xiaomi discontinues Mi Max and Mi Note lines

21 June 2019
The two series arenโ€™t officially discontinued yet but it's not looking too optimistic.

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  • Anonymous

Now stop making Redmi too ...

  • Akshay

I have been checking gsmarena and many websites like gizmochina ,wccftech, bgr.in etc for the last 3 months just for mi max 4 announcement and now you are telling me it wont release at all this is absolutely heartbreaking i want a mi max 4 more than a girlfriend.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2019Sadness Was waiting for the Mi Max 4 due to my large handsI needed it for my large brain ;-)

  • Anonymous

The Max serious was awesome... sad to see it go...

  • Caz42

Oh no !!! I was so looking forward to a Mi Max 4 as I've bought the others.

What big screen phone am I going to buy now ???

  • Anonymous

Very bad news!! Millions of people were waiting for
mi Max 4 and mi Max 4 Pro !
Especially after the fake Mi 9T and Poco F2 ( "K20" ).....

  • Javed

I waiting for long time max 4 and Max 4 pro ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜

  • Anonymous

Who cares about the name when you can get same specs or better?!
Mi max maybe will be named mi 9 max or Redmi K20 max.

Doesn't matter as long they make another minimum 7,2 inch display phone hahaha. Had the mm3 it was okay, but nothing vs my mate 20X, but still i hope, because many ppl wants bigger display.

  • Anonymous


Was waiting for the Mi Max 4 due to my large hands

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Ahaahaahahaahahahha

What's the point of getting Mi 9, while K20 Pro has almost the same specs and it's cheaper? I want them to make something big like Mate 20 X(but with option for root) and I'm sold.

  • Anonymous

Can foldable phone rescues the tablet size smartphone in the future?

  • notlikinghugedevices

This is not exactly true.
Xiaomi discontinued not Mi Note line but Mi line as the size of Mi line devices approached the size of Mi Note series devices so now they can stop releasing same device with two markings.

  • Don

Rahat197537, 21 Jun 2019Mi Note 3 was my fav phone until this shitty bezelless phon... moreI have mi note 3. Smartphone is great,even,these days come out smartphones with SD 660, 6/64 gb,have gorila glass 4,dual camera with ois and 4k,splash resistant,stereo speaker,great body duration, soon update on pie. Who bought this smartphone was made great deal.

mate 20 x it is..,

NOOOO!!! We want the Mi Max 4!!!!
Even the same phone with an updated chipset (snap 730?) would be ok!

  • Ash

Mi MAX series is good why stop making? It the best. I got max 1,2,3. Please continue.

  • Krishk

Workinprogress, 21 Jun 2019Really disappointing news. Was waiting for the Mi Max 4 :(Me toooo.... A max two user

Mi Note 3 was my fav phone until this shitty bezelless phone's comes out and took my ateention. i was eagerly wanted to see Note 4 but nothing gonna happen soon.Ah!