Xiaomi Mi CC first promo video is out, render of the CC9e too

22 June 2019
The Mi CC9e shares the spotlight with 8-year-old Gavin Thomas.

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  • Anonymous

Jun1250, 22 Jun 2019Mi 9T over this I'd say+1

Jun1250, 23 Jun 2019Or the SCR-300 if you could still get oneOr even the N Gage

Walter C. Dornez, 22 Jun 2019Nokia 3310 over this I sayOr the SCR-300 if you could still get one

  • Anonymous

aju, 22 Jun 2019Try a new design xiaomi ... maybe a punch hole or something... A 5.2~5.7" punchhole with slim bezel, minimum sd636, minimum 4000 mah, sd card and 3.5 jack would be perfect phone for me.
And i honesty hope k20 lite would be this phone. But yeah... No sdcard is a no for me.

Vivo have one that m the specification but i would prefer to stay away from their horrible funtouch os

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2019this phone https://m.gsmarena.com/lenovo_z6_youth-9711.php wit... moreBut only in china

  • YaR

Is this a notch ? #PopUpInStyle

Jun1250, 22 Jun 2019Mi 9T over this I'd sayNokia 3310 over this I say

Mi 9T over this I'd say

  • Anonymous

Nue01, 22 Jun 2019Who else miss compact 5-5.2 inch flagship's?I hope pixel and iphone example in this case.. smaller iPhone and plus version. A3 lite should be not more than 145mm (less is preferred) and regular a3 should be as large as iPhone XS or pixel3 xl.

  • Audacious

Nue01, 22 Jun 2019Who else miss compact 5-5.2 inch flagship's?Just get the palm?

  • Anonymous

this phone
with sd710, 4050mah, usb type c, 3.5mm jack, aluminium body, support sd card, 4/64 now its 150$

let see the pricing of xiaomi for sd712

Who else miss compact 5-5.2 inch flagship's?

  • aju

Try a new design xiaomi ... maybe a punch hole or something...

  • sm4rt4ss

I truly hope this is not the the A3 lite. I hope it's a 6" max. I hope this is the A3.

  • Anonymous

What should we do next? I know, let's make another phone that is the same as previous ones and name it differently!

Xiaomi is using Samsung's tactics of flooding the market. Never liked it...

  • Anonymous

CC? What's its distinction?
It used to have well, pretty distinct product line.
Mi-series for the premium, smaller battery, no sd-card, (no 3.5 jack, too now) smartphone
>"Mi-[number]" for the flagship
>'Mi-[number]a" for the cut down version of the flagship
>Mi-A[number]" cut down flagship with Android one

Redmi for the budget, big battery, sd-card equipped smartphone
>"Redmi [number]" for the standard defining-middle budget
>"Redmi [number]a" for the cheapest, all you need is functioning smartphone thing
>"Redmi Note [number]" for the (use to be larger) pricier but higher specced budget smartphone
>"Redmi Max [number]" for the phablet series.

But now we have addition of Redmi-Y for Selfie enthusiast, Redmi Flagship in addition of Mi flagship, not to mention Poco budget flagship, and Shark for gaming flagship...

i wish redmi kept the old simplicity and dare to put all the good thing into a few but clear defined product. Like Apple or google.
Now they gone Samsung and decided to spread the good stuff into shitloads of variant.

  • TECH

its a new series of mi cc9

  • Anonymous

6.4" phone. Just the right size for a little kid to put in his pocket.

isn't it supposed to be Chic n' Cool?

  • Ulhaqpak

Audacious, 22 Jun 2019God I hope this is the A3Same here