Oppo warns first under-screen cameras won't have the best image quality

25 June 2019
The company VP warns about having high expectations for the breakthrough technology.

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  • Queen Victoria

I'll make sure to get one without an under-display selfie camera.

2013-2016: who has the phone to die quicker by water with extensive and no reason to do, waterproof tests. Smartphone companies should had a hard time with all those warranty claims.

2016-2018: Let's kill the bezels alongside important features like the fm radio and the headphone jack, let's make the phones to the size of a shoe for.. no apparent reason. Oh no i forget, because courage.

2019: Let's kill the bezels entirely so phones will look exactly the same up front, because.. we don't know yet. Courage is taken.
Let's put a bazinga number of cameras on these things, because apparently one camera is so old news. Pixel phones say otherwise but who is buying them anyway?? Maybe better than 3 of ours combined but they don't have 3 cameras, we do!
Don't believe that image quality is better on these things. It is, but don't believe it.

Let's see what to do with the front facing camera taking space at the so important front of the phone. Kill em bezels!!
Ah yes Apple had the "brilliant" idea of extending the screen to the sides?? Let's do it! What do you mean the middle looks awful? Let's call it s notch and make it a feature. People don't think at all anymore so who cares?
2 months later: people still complaining? But whyy? We killed 'em bezels :( :(
I know I know, let's put the camera under the display and call it a day. What do you mean image quality is taking a toll? People doesn't care about it anymore so do it.. Do it you little son of a beach.. JUST SHOB IT AND GET IT DONE.

  • Hmm...

I get the concept, must be something like those see through mirrors only problem I see is that the see through has to be much more pronounce to allow the light display to shine through the see through LCD or equivalent. Obvious that video show it in the best light. Wonder how the audience would react where sections of the display aren't lite due to constricting limits on optical design near the camera?

johnwick, 25 Jun 2019You are the kind of person who perfer 1.5 inch display over... morewrong.

  • Anonymous

They could allay a lot of concern if they just released some sample images captured on it. So far we know 1) the camera is still somewhat visible when not in use, and 2) the camera results are effected by the overlaid screen. The problem is we don't have a good sense of the extent of either compromise.

boi, 26 Jun 2019no company will push itself to be the sacrificial lamb for ... moreAt least not intentionally or consciously

The priority and goals of any company has always had outcomes unforseen

Do you think Samsung purposely set thier phones on fire

Or do you think every new technology is just some isolated instrument with no ripple effect?

Release the damn product to the world

People were roasting me when I claimed it will be a half-baked solution. Well, here we are.

  • Anonymous

At least they're honest about it. But more importantly they gotta work on their OS+software+UI approach too.

  • Anonymous

I dont need any front cam, so make it a 100px*100px cam and I will still buy it just for design sakes, what do you even do with selfie cams? Video calling (not possible with bad german networks) or pictures of your face (mine s*cks). So ye, get rid of it, bring back a mirror on the back and Im fine ;)

i think we all knew quality wouldn't be on par wit price when it was announced but it's a new tech anyway cheers to oppo to be the frontier on this battle

  • Arashk

I love this design

arnob, 25 Jun 2019I really dont need selfie camera. Back cam is the best. Say... morewe need that camera to have video calls. So a basic cam would do just fine.

  • Cindy

Oppo Find Camera

  • boi

IpsDisplay, 25 Jun 2019Dumbest point ever We don't need theoretical lab test fo... moreno company will push itself to be the sacrificial lamb for the benefit of their competitors

  • Anonymous

I don't selfie so I honestly would be happy with the fact it's notchless and near bezeless.

  • Anonymous

oled is semi transparent.
Manufacturers need to make it at least 80% transparent and need to implement AI make the photos clean

  • AnonD-794217

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2019Pop up camera is enough. We don't need thisIt will make phone not water resistance anymore. Also it has lifespan which motorized mechanism will not operate smoothly after long usage

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2019Pop up camera is enough. We don't need thiswhy?

notafanboy, 25 Jun 2019I'll take a fat top bezel with a great selfie camera over a... moreYou are the kind of person who perfer 1.5 inch display over a 6 inch display.

Shanti Dope, 25 Jun 2019I'm also against nonsense creations, but come on guys, this... moreYou're the only person that understands and gets it. People need to appreciate how far smartphone design and innovation has come so far and should stop being so demanding. Our devices are powerhouses with more features than we could ask for, these commentors need to be happy we have this at all and stop acting like little children crying for more toys.