Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is now available in Germany

25 June 2019
Both Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone carry the 5G device, except neither has a working 5G network. 

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BigBonKawk, 26 Jun 2019I live in one of the cities mentioned and my university has... moreYes, I can definitely see your problem of doing those testing...
1. 5G is effect by both environment & obstacles conditions.
2. 5G has very limited range average is 46 meters radius, barring weather & other conditions.
3. 5G take about 10,000 times the energy to transmit in the same span of time when comparing to 4G.
4. 5G is only worth it if your network can handle the massive surge of data, not to mention the nightmare of sorting through the hundreds of thousands of cell towers versus 1 4G cell tower to cover the same area.
5. 5G wave frequency actually has a interactive effect on the human body health wise(note the body blocks and absorb 5G waves), while 4G wave frequency passes through with no effect. Long term study needed for whether to implement it or not.
6. 4G already can handle the fastest online games as well as streaming HD real time with bytes to spare(only if your current network can fully use 4G at its peak).

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ProJames-CHM, 25 Jun 2019I'm scared of our plans in Canada to raise after the auctio... moreThat's for sure that 5G plans will get very pricey but hopefully 4G plans will get a bit cheaper.

I live in one of the cities mentioned and my university has tied up with testing the 5G as part of our doctorate research and trust me, the issues we are facing with mass deployment is giving all of us a headache here. I really see no point in paying such high price for a phone whose full potential is not going to be reached until at least mid-2020, which is when the 5G modems will be more common in more phones, thus bringing the price down.
Also, it doesn't help the fact that our very own tech minister said that why would one need 5G when LTE is more than enough. *roll eyes* And this guy is our tech minister..Jeez!
Also, many of the network providers are kind of apprehensive in the deployment cos of the Huawei ban and hence, delaying it a bit.

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Anonymous, 25 Jun 2019they're getting 5G's, meanwhile I even barely get 4G LTE, i... moreits in a lot of places in Europe so I see no point of 5G when even 4g is not so stable

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2019funny5G version is also better than normal S10+ without 5G. It has 2 more TOF cameras and larger screen.

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uses it on becomes to look like galaxy s7

Grats most countries havent 5G yet so buying a 5G phone is like to buy a tesla car where is no electricity in the country. Or having no roads :-)

I'm scared of our plans in Canada to raise after the auctions. We already pay the highest prices in the world and the German 5G spectrum auctions aren't putting my fears at ease.

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Anonymous, 25 Jun 2019funnythey're getting 5G's, meanwhile I even barely get 4G LTE, if I do, its slower than 3G. 0_o

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