Xiaomi Mi 9T in for review

26 June 2019
Better known in China and India as the Redmi K20, the phone is finally with us.

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How to remove the ads?

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What about the oneplus 7 review? It's been released ages ago. Come on guys

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019this really helps me a lot, thank you sir I made my decision il... moreNice but I would suggest that you should wait for GSMArena's review before you buy for a more comprehensive data.

Blacktoothgrin, 28 Jun 2019My friend bought it 2 months ago & with every app he downloa... moreThird party apps that were advertised as "Free" have their own ads too, you should know that.

Mi 9T was not available two months ago, it was announced and released this month.

Free apps your friend downloads from Google Play that comes with ads has nothing to do with Xiaomi or MIUI.

Fortunately most free ad supported apps only show ads whilst using the app, but some apps do push ads like crazy even when not open. The ladder is easily blocked.

Minimize ads by blocking said app from pushing notifications, but you'll still get ads while inside the app. Get the premium version of the app to get rid of ads, or find an alternative.

Unfortunately popular social media apps don't offer premium versions without ads.

My friend bought it 2 months ago & with every app he downloads comes an array of unwanted ads. MIUI is least of my favourite android skins out there. Not a fan either, otherwise Xiaomi has some impressive devices.

Should've done earlier,gsmarena

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DroidBoye, 28 Jun 2019Thermal Design Power (TDP) dictates the amount of heat that shou... morethis really helps me a lot, thank you sir
I made my decision ill go for k20 6/128

Xerox, 28 Jun 2019It's in for review. Heard it's better than k20 pro and galaxy a70Yes, it should be better battery-wise at full-load (full use of high-performance cores) compared to SD855 and cooler temps too which would also equate on better battery life. Midrange SoC would have longer battery lifespan and longer battery run-time assuming all else were equal.

[deleted post]Only if you don't know how to tweak it. All you said about the updates were just trivial problems. OS-wise, MIUI is a good OS with tweaks that I actually use like second-space, app vault and dual apps. If you like stock then why bother looking on Xiaomi's non-stock Android phones?

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019what is tdp sir?Thermal Design Power (TDP) dictates the amount of heat that should be dissipated for the SoC to perform at it's rated specification. It will not get damaged when the TDP were not met, it will just throttle on longer gaming sessions. Also the take into consideration that the manufacturer may claim that the cooling system is up to spec but you should know that their testing is based on controlled ambient temperature. Real-world ambient temp varies by regions.

The Cooling:
The problem with smartphones (except for the actively cooled one) were that the cooling were mostly passive. Passive cooling has saturation and in smartphones, the cooling involves the heats-preader or the heat-pipe (vapor-chamber), the metal frame and the ambient temperature. Non-metal uni-body designs and having glass or plastic frame and adding a plastic case contributes to lesser heat dissipation and the cooling system will be saturated faster which will induce throttling on long gaming sessions.

If the Redmi K-series phone’s cooling system were designed for the high-end SoC, having a midrange SoC in it with lower TDP would benefit on having better cooling or longer cooling saturation on full-load. It’s not perfect and would still get saturated especially in summer but it will take longer time than the SD855 variant at high to full load, all these OFC depends on the ambient temperature.

Jo.Anna, 27 Jun 2019How does it stack against Mi Mix 3? They are quiet different, b... moreIf you want raw power for games and etc and dont mind low batterry, go for MI mix 3. Photos will be better on Mi 9T

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Xerox, 28 Jun 2019It's in for review. Heard it's better than k20 pro and galaxy a70hopefully., so excited since Xiaomi just opened a physical store here in my place today.

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2019Battery endurance rating pleaseIt's in for review. Heard it's better than k20 pro and galaxy a70

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019what is tdp sir?Maximum temperature a chip can take before it starts to get damaged.

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I planned to purchase this mi 9t can it play high graphics games with max settings?

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DroidBoye, 28 Jun 2019Mi 9T is a very good choice in my own opinion. It can do what th... morewhat is tdp sir?

Mi 9T is a very good choice in my own opinion. It can do what the K20 Pro does but with cooler temperature especially when gaming at full load simply because it has lower TDP. What most people don't understand about flagship SoC is that it's hotter on full load and requires active cooling to prevent stutters due to throttling.

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Why isn't there a review for mi 9 SE yet? It's strange.

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2019It priced a bit too close to Mi 9 here in my country. The 6/64 v... more Mi9 has more raw power under the hood, but it has its drawbacks: small battery, notch, lack of headphone jack. For many (including yours truly) Mi9T offers better overall package with pretty powerful (weaker than SD855, but not weak in absolute numbers) and energy-efficient SoC combined with complete functionality. It's hard to beat mix.

Of course if one wants as much power as he/she can get, SD730-based phone won't be the best choice. Here comes Mi9 (and in some unpredictable future - Mi9T Pro).