Xiaomi Mi CC9 and CC9e specs revealed by TENAA, CC9 Meitu Custom Edition confirmed

28 June 2019
The Mi CC9 and CC9e will both ship with a 3,940 mAh. Screens sizes are 6.39" and 6.08".

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  • Anonymous

Copy of Huawei P30

no SD card, no Deal !

  • Dk pk

I wish a sd 710 for me & 730 model others

  • Anonymous

triple flip camera?

  • Zero

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019It’s really disappointing how Xiaomi uses the Meitu brand..... moreI feel that the Meitu design is the Custom Edition. Let's wait for it.

  • win2

please release an IPS phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee

If special edition using sd730G+8/256, would be perfect...,and normal version using sd730+6+128.

  • Anonymous

It’s really disappointing how Xiaomi uses the Meitu brand... Meitu phones have unique designs, and these CC phones look just like any other mid to low end phones in the market...

  • Anonymous

CC9e with screen size 6.08 inch? interesting choice, if to want make compact phone then 5.5 inch (with full screen body, and small body size!) would be more close to compact what people are expecting. if body size will be same and only screen made smaller then its pointless. how much they can shrink body size going screen from 6.38 to 6.08 inch? If maximum full screen, few millimeters, not enough, but still better... hope they come in mind and make one good compact phone too.