Honor 20 Pro Moschino Edition arrives tomorrow

01 July 2019
The phone is about CNY300 ($50/€40) more expensive than the regular variant.

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  • Anonymous

This is not a stupid idea for bubble headed people

Winning the tickets would be nice but who pays the trip???
It wont come cheap.

you could easily put a sticker on the back and download the wallpaper from the internet and have the same result. This is really disappointing.

  • Jimbob

Why on earth would I want it to say that

Who would ever want to walk around advertising for luxury brands. And on top of it you have to pay more to do it.

  • Anonymous

if only those prices were for all the world

  • Anonymous

Now that's what I call gaudy.

  • designerlover

I would get this but there needs to be a phone designed by a real designer. LG Please make a LG Prada 4.0!!!

  • Anonymous

A bit cheap if you ask me, that slogan on the back