Nokia 803 is rumored to have the largest camera sensor to date

08 February, 2012
A fresh batch of rumored specs appears for the suspected last Symbian device.

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]They already got performance. In fact, the already put out performance for less. N8 with Belle has fluidity and productivity beating out ICS, all that with less ''GHz'' and more battery life.

  • nokia_man

I am not excited about symbian, but what the hell. If the next symbian is going to be fluid, stable, fast, user friendly and visually atractive I dont care if its symbian, android, WP or iOS. And if the camera performance will better than in N8, I will buy immediatly!

  • AnonD-39154

Nokia have got to give this their best like they back then while they were engineering the N8

N8 still sells as hotcakes despite it was launched quite a while ago !! Surviving along with todays Dual cores & survived three Nokia OSes [Symbian^3 > Symbian Anna > Symbian Belle]
As an owner of GS2 & N8, i am rather impressed by N8's performance !! I still wonder what made me buy that iPhone that i sold it within a short period of time !

I dont know what they did to the N8 that it is yet another masterpiece from Nokia & hope they make the 803 the same !!
It should have a camera resolution that can cut through ice !!

XD Nobody separates me & my SII XD

  • Mr. Double B

Please don't flame me for this Symbian lovers, but from a strict business strategy point of view, if Nokia does this, they will be shooting themselves in the foot.

Why? Because they spent the past year telling the world they are fully moving to Windows Phone, and just introduced their new mid and top range portfolio based on Lumia. To bring out a new top model now with the old OS, which trumps their Lumia range hardware wise, is just insane.

Why confuse the market? Why piss off the people who bought/pre-ordered a Lumia 800/900?

  • Anonymous

I bet it is 360x640

not good for a 4" screen

  • Jay

I love my N8 but if Nokia is gonna stick with the rumored design mentioned i will not buy it.
Man this design is ugly!

  • AnonD-2663

looks like my next phone will be running Symbian.

As I suspected, Nokia will be concentrating on a 1 phone strategy for Symbian Carla, Donna, etc.. which probably isn't a bad thing now that the platform is quite stable.

The problem is, will they release the handset internationally or keep it an Asian Exclusive. Either way I think I'll be waiting until May.

  • lexus

what is the benefit of larger sensor?? Nothing.Because there is a very small lens on the phone.

  • Anonymous

just want it, i already own a nokia 700 and love it, if nokia can improove te n8, put better software and hardware and the most importan in a smarthphone, A GOOD Batery i will get it. hope it gets a sexy desing like the n9.

  • CezarEvelioCamba

This article garnered positive comments for Nokia :p

  • Vamsi

Another reason to look forward to the MWC.

  • Anonymous

Hmm Nokia fanboys always complains about how samsung releases phones that looks the same(even though most variations are the same phones, Galaxy S II variants, Galaxy S variants) yet Nokia makes a phone that looks the same as their other crap and gets praises on it's beauty and looks?

This phone reminds me of the Nokia N97, C6-01, 600, 603, 5233. Not very innovative are they? Maybe they had to fire their designers too, part of that 4000+ employee layoff that happened, and just grabbed an old design out of the file cabinet and slapped a fatter camera sensor on it. So again aside from the camera it'll fail at everything else like the N8? Nokia Symbian Belle is a wanna be android copy cat, even the notifications is a blatant rip off of android.

  • Shinigami

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2012I love it how camera sensors differ's from other parts of mobile... moreBigger is always better as long as you can put it to proper use, and it doesn't hurt where its not supposed to - when the bigger still fits where its supposed to fit...
N8 has a great camera (hardware-wise) but its software killed good deal of fine detail - Pixon12 had better pixel resolution (although it suffered some white balance issues). Here's hope that new Nokia camera phone will have both good hardware and software that is able to push that hardware to its limits. And a low price, as it was the case with Nokia smartphones lately. And will force competition to make similarly awesome products at similarly low prices.

Gotta love competition :D

  • 123

Why not throw MeeGo there instead? Both platforms are dying, but MeeGo is better.

  • AnonD-41223

Gonna buy the last symbian phone

  • skinnyflip

Best camera with an OS which will supposedly be supported till 2016 but will most likely lose it's support in 2013.

  • AnonD-3575

i never thought about changing my n8, because it fits 99% of my need, but if this comes out, ill buy it and say goodbye to new phones forever

  • PeteB

Hopefully it's a 16MP sensor with a 3x optical zoom and 1080 HD video recording. I have an N8 and it's still the worlds best camera phone. Let's hope the video editing program allows for mixing of sound tracks like the N95 did. This could be my replacement phone until Windows / Nokia get their new OS running smoothly... I love Nokia because everything just works straight out of the box, as opposed to the Dogs Breakfast OS, Android.

  • Anonymous

I love it how camera sensors differ's from other parts of mobile phones. (of course screen too, but)

Bigger is better, aye? xD

  • CezarEvelioCamba

Almost sure that this phone will top the smartphone camera foodchain.