Samsung begins rollout of Android Pie for Galaxy Xcover 4

05 July 2019
The two-year-old rugged device is getting the OneUI overhaul.

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  • Anonymous

And Galaxy S8 Active still on Oreo.....................

  • Matthew

YU000, 06 Jul 2019Will S7 get the update?Nope, this phone already got 2 major os updates. It won't be updated to Pie. XCover got Pie because it was released with 7.0 :) S7 Edge had 6.0.1 while it was released so nope.

Cool it's not! Rather embarrassing & disgraceful for a company with such a big stature. Devoidng Oreo completely & now feeding Pie. Nothing in-between! Thank God I don't use Samsung.

2017 phone getting pie. Cool.

  • Anonymous

YU000, 06 Jul 2019Will S7 get the update?Nope it isnt.

It outperformed the Galaxy Xcover 3 (which received 1 Android update), and exceeded expectations by receiving 2 Android updates, and also work with 3 distinct versions of Samsung Experience in its lifecycle.

Will S7 get the update?

  • Anonymous

I'm still waiting to see if anything develops from the rumour that the Active series might be making a comeback.