Google Stadia FAQ updated with details about device and controller support, Founderís edition fulfillment

09 July 2019
For those wondering, Google will also try to keep games that were dropped by their developers.

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A wired connetion for on the go gaming. Not good!

Rathew buy a PC and buy games at for a very affordable price and discounts for 10 bucks one can buy plenty of games.

I don't know about 1st world countries, but everywhere else I see this being a flop, if everything is ran on Google's servers it means everything will depend on the latency of the connection and the moment latency drops then lag spikes will impact your gameplay, so you either have an excellent steady connection or your games suck. I know this might be similar to playing an online game, but who the heck wants to deal with lag when playing a single player game to the likes of Mario when coming home after a long day of wokr?

Then there is the fact of privacy, why the heck does everything have to run on Google servers in the first place? Like Google is not already intrusive enough as it is being in your phone and your computer. A future like that of watchdogs is becoming more and more tangible.

  • Anonymous

Why i just cant start it on youtobe on tizen smart tv. Another streaming box need

A very good way to empty ur 1 months data plan in mere hours

  • toastyman

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2019My gut tells me this is the future of gaming, no more physical d... moreMore like the begginig of the end for gaming

From this article, only pixel devices will be supported for mobile gaming while playing out side on the streets, and maybe in a few months or next year, a few other phones maybe support this, on top subscription and expensive controller to buy

Destined to fail

  • Niggaroo

So PS4? but clean?

  • Anonymous

My gut tells me this is the future of gaming, no more physical discs and cards, digitals only and service based gaming.

I may be going out on a limb, but I see this being a flop. Just does not offer me anything I want.

  • hmm

What free games they are talking about ? There is no FREE in pay 10 to get access. Free version of this has no free games or anything worth to have it.

They really need to come up with some new word for paid content. This word FREE is to widely used that is totally lie. Free is when you pirate the games and play them or install a game from microsoft store or play store for android. Netflix have same subscribe to see content. Same is with this Stradia. You pay 10 for subscription and you get access to some of the content this platform have to offer.

All games need to be playable that the platform supports when there is subscription to pay per month for access.

Does anyone know then, if the Stadia controller comes with USB-C to C wired connection?