Nintendo announces Switch Lite - a cheaper, handheld version of the original Switch

10 July 2019
Coming this September for gaming on the go.

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  • yoyo

can you guys just stop complaining and shut up. just go buy something that you're interested with rather than comparing from one console to another. its to annoying brah to look at all the complaint, stop being so demanding and pretend like you're professional one yucks

SNA1970, 18 Jul 2019This is a smart move from Nintendo. I think they are pla... moreYes the switch lite is going to replace the 3DS and 2DS. To call it a switch when it is only a handheld is wrong.

This is a smart move from Nintendo.

I think they are planing to make their Switch Lite the new handheld to replace 3ds . and soon will make a real console that will come in 2020 with very high specs to compete against PS5

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 13 Jul 2019I agree, it's very good to have the concept of the Switch w... morePeople who care about graphical prowess only buy Nintendo consoles as secondary if at all. They wouldn't care if third party games can't be ported, as they'd buy them on their primary console anyway.
Nintendo isn't giving up the hybrid concept. Switch Lite is simply a replacement for the 3DS as the regular Switch doesn't cater to the same demographics because of different form factor and price bracket.

Baykko, 12 Jul 2019You are only making assumptions. Why would Nintendo drop th... moreI agree, it's very good to have the concept of the Switch which can go from a Handheld to a Home-Console. And I agree, it's stupid to give up that concept.

Unfortunately, that is the path that Nintendo has setup for its self.
The Switch Lite would make a decent Handheld Console up until late 2022, at which point, the software will be outdated, hardware will be too slow, and it would have pretty bad battery life compared to the technology/devices out at that time. Nintendo is likely to introduce a replacement/successor probably in the year 2024.

The Original Switch would make a good Home Console until 2018, at which point it's entertainment options look limited and graphics become quite unimpressive. Nintendo, as per their temperament/history, are likely to be slow and only introduce a replacement/successor probably in the year 2021.

Do note that Midrange Phones have long surpassed the performance of the 360/PS3/WiiU/Switch. Flagship phones are quite up there. And tablets have already surpassed the performance of the XB1/PS4. The next-gen consoles are coming in Q3 2020, and the PS5 and Xbox V are poised to be as powerful as Gaming PC's (ie Ryzen 3700x, RX 5700, 32GB GDDR6, SSD support). That means the difference in graphics and hardware between the Switch compared to anything else mainstream is going to look absolutely bad for Nintendo.

PS: I hope that I am wrong. But based on the telltale signs, technology and business, I don't think I am, and we can prepare ourselves to the death of convertible consoles... unless we get a good solution from a future Razer Phone 3, ASUS RoG Phone 2, Nubia RedMagic 4, Xiaomi BlackShark 3, or a GPD XD 2 or Win 3.

Kangal, 12 Jul 2019Nope. Read the industry signs, and the business moves. The... moreYou are only making assumptions. Why would Nintendo drop the concept of switch if its simply successful? It is the fact that it is both a mobile gaming device and a home gaming device that makes it so appealing. If they were to drop the concept they would go back to the late years of the Wii and the Wii U, trying to battle it directly with the PS4 and Xbox with no advantage over any of them. Nintendo cannot fight the hardware game, both Microsoft and Sony are far more capable In that regard. What Nintendo is good at is Innovation, both with their games and their consoles.

The next Switch should launch a year before the next Xbox and PS5. All that it needs is improved hardware, like a greater battery, OLED screen and a better chipset for the same $400 and of course backwards compatibility with the previous switch and games bought online.

Dometalican, 11 Jul 2019Switch has been out for 3 years so far. You think they're g... moreNope.
Read the industry signs, and the business moves. They are changing the Switch Platform away from a "Convertible Console" towards becoming a "Handheld Console". They will slowly but eventually phase out the original Switch after another 2 years, but they will instead keep the Handheld Lite for another 4 years.

There's no Switch Pro being made.
The successor to the Nintendo Switch is going to be two devices: a dedicated Handheld (Lite) and a dedicated Home-Console ("GameCone"). Nintendo will be retiring the WiiU, 2DS/3DS, and Switch. However they will make the old Lite-Handheld be able to connect to the GameCone, the way the PS Vita connects to the PS4, or how the WiiU controller worked.

My biggest frustration is the arrogance Nintendo has, in using under-powered hardware which alienates third-party developers. They insist that nostalgia alone with their IP is enough, which reduces possible competition in the market. And that makes it vulnerable for their entire brand slip into obscurity the way that Sega did several decades ago.

  • Anonymous

Still waiting for a Switch Pro.
Better hardware, TV only, bundled with Pro controller.

  • toastyman

It would have been so easy to slap a micro hdmi port in there for tv playing, still nice though

  • Dometalican

Kangal, 11 Jul 2019Okay, it makes sense to remove the kickstand. It even make... moreSwitch has been out for 3 years so far. You think they're going to have a successor to that already? Dude, this console is going to be good for the next 5 years with a Pro variant of it being released at some point in between. If you own a Switch, the Lite isn't for you. Can you imagine how mad we'd be if they already drop support for the regular Switch or make it not worth buying? This is only for people who don't have the money for the regular one and are willing to settle for this thing's shortcomings (despite having, as a matter of fact, a better battery life than the original).

  • Love the Community

The only thing that the "switch" in Switch Lite meant something is you gotta switch your new Nintendo 3DS to the Switch Lite.

  • Anonymous

Nintendo does it again. I think calling it a "switch" is wrong, but it will be sold like crazy, I'm sure. I thought the 2ds was a mistake, but then it sold like crazy too. People seem to love half-ar*ed versions of consoles since they can still play many games while "only" sacraficing the grat graphics on a big screen. Im sad they don't use the USB-C to connect the switch to a tv.

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2019also who cares about docking and the rest, this exactly wha... moreFor each their own, It's nice to have an handheld version, I use my switch almost only handheld. But the "almost part" is why I wouldn't buy this one: multiplayer. Mario kart-Tennis, Broforce, Cadence and Crypt of necro, SSMB, playing with your friends on the same screen (splitted or not) and same device is a real good old feature, and that's all the point of the dock, for me. But it's true that solo and online, I only use handheld.

This version is I think only for solo/online player, I don't think anyone would buy joycon to play multi on this little screen like we see in the commercial.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2019also who cares about docking and the rest, this exactly wha... morewhile i agree with most, docking is a problem. Some games on switch need the docking station to unlock higher clock speed (which current switch is doing to unlock 1080p and better performance). This is noticeable in some games (of the ones I have Doom, bloodstatined: RotN both have significantly better performance when docked).

Yes, having handheld console that can play some of the best games (Zelda for example is great) on the go is great, but dock station is..kinda mandatory at home tbh. Even if you don't get a dock, but having ability to do so would have been nice. (also would have made sense for Nintendo to cash out on the peripherals too this way)

  • Anonymous

These guys know very well how to survive a supposedly mobile-only era. I think they will be fine.

The last bastion for portable games that don't nickel and dime users.

And they have mobile ports/games that milk money from clueless, no discipline gamers just to satisfy people in black suits.

Kangal, 11 Jul 2019Okay, it makes sense to remove the kickstand. It even make... morethere is rumoured pro version which came around similar time as cheaper smaller switch pro as nintendo is targeting two different markets, they did the same with DSi and DSi XL and 3DS XL and 2DS, same again, cheaper version cutting down on features.

assuming that the switch pro does exist, then expect more powerful processor tegra 2X, bluetooth audio, maybe with HDR screen and bigger battery, esp that fact that switch only has battery life around 3 hours, for core market, they probably charged it more than 700 times since 2017 and capicaty of the battery down to 60% now, thus, encourage them to upgrade to new switch pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2019Why the hell does this gets launched in India, souch potent... moreSadly I agree...!

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 11 Jul 2019Okay, it makes sense to remove the kickstand. It even make... morealso who cares about docking and the rest, this exactly what we who wanted a pure handheld version and only play it so wanted, i dont need arrow buttons or joycons because i dont play with anybody, i dont care about tv i got beastier consoles for that, i dont care for motion type games, the only thing maybe can complain about is rumble, but also something i can live without and didn't bother me it missing with other handhelds, ill take the smaller screen hopefully helps 480p games look better and sturdier compact size helping it feel more comfortable as do i'm sure the many people in japan that constantly is freakin 200 bucks so plz don't talk if u don't know what u are talking about or simply buy OG switch or wait for pro if u care for that other crap

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 11 Jul 2019Okay, it makes sense to remove the kickstand. It even make... morelol what left arrow buttons is proly the worst part about the original switch only there because of 2 player functionality otherwise it sucks to use separate buttons for many games esp fighters

Okay, it makes sense to remove the kickstand.
It even makes sense to remove the dual-gyros from each JoyCon side.
(but probably should’ve included a single-gyro for the entire handheld like a phone).
But it doesn’t make sense to remove the Left Arrow-Buttons.
Or to remove the HD-Rumble feature.
It doesn’t make sense to remove the IrDA.
And makes zero sense to remove the ability to Dock it.

….Nintendo is basically killing off the Nintendo Switch, and making it as a 3DS successor.
Which probably means we won’t get a Nintendo Switch successor, but they’ll keep the Nintendo Switch Lite alongside a future Home-only Console Box. This hypothetical “GameCone” would probably be around the same performance of a PS4… whilst the PS5 and Xbox V will be moving towards the performance of Gaming PC’s (Ryzen 3700X, RX 5700, 32GB GDDR6, SSD support).