Flashback: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - the little touchscreen that couldn't

14 July 2019
The phone was commercially successful and reasonably well-liked by fans, but it was a herald of the end of Nokia as a smartphone maker.

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  • Helal

I want NOKIA -6151, 3110, N80, 5800 once again!!!!!!

Xavi3r , 14 Jul 2019I bought this phone back in 2009 and it served me so well, used ... moreWow, to use it till 2017, must be some kind of masochizm to yourself :)

At that time I had iphone 3g and decided that it was too posh for me, and sold it to get this one. Technically it was more superior device, kind of media powerhouse, but goimg from iphone 3g to this was massive blow. Resistive touchscreen and clunky menus was horrible and unresponsive. Plus most apps was really way behind iphone 3g. Though if you never used touchscreen device or iphone before it was definitely an impressive model at its time for a price.

  • George

Back then, when I've been looking for LG KS20 to use Windows Mobile, it's been abandoned and I was waiting for Nokia 5530 because 5800 was too thick. At the moment it underpriced it, I had it for few years, but it had problems with proximity sensor. Except it was my first 16:9 phone and I've been able to watch 640x360 H263 videos, nothing else was impressive. Android was the next step forward with my Xperia Pro and it lasted with me until KitKat. In the times of Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat, Windows Phone 8.1 and Mobile 10 had filled the gap, but Oreo got it back in the game and Pie is even better. Even I'm not Nokia user anymore, I admit that HMD global knows very well that most users need accurate support.

  • AnonD-819322

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2019How does relying on apps reduce the usability of an OS ? Every c... more3rd party apps.

  • Raj

Very good phone, Particularly for music lovers

  • Raj

Bloody designers are sleeping.........why cant at least follow those designs of handsets????

Carol, 14 Jul 2019I find N8 and 808 were the devices that actually were so ahead o... moreTruly, way ahead of their time. Such splendid innovation era it was. In fact, each phone had its own identity and form factor. I still remember a guy holding the futuristic N90 during 2007, I myself had N91, the music powerhouse! and one guy holding that leaf shaped Nokia, 7650 or something...
And I had both N8 and 808. Amazing phones. The 808 I could never muster courage to sell, so my dad uses it still.

Proud to have lived as a youth in that era, instead of doing Tiktoks and instgrams of today!

  • Matt

The worst phone ever. Touch was horrible, interface supper laggy. Swapped for Samsung D900 at first opportunity.

  • Adoron

jere7em, 15 Jul 2019I owned one at that time. I liked, but the touch version of symb... moreI agree. Symbian is a pretty neat OS, but it's not utilized for touch screen. Touch UI wasn't part of it's original development.

  • D

Not a bad phone, I had it, Legendary phone.

  • Ali

gam30toronto, 15 Jul 2019oh i had this phone. i really liked the look of it. it was reall... moreAgree.
in those days there was really creative devices by Nokia and Sony Ericsson.
I miss those :)

  • jere7em

I owned one at that time. I liked, but the touch version of symbian + the resistive screen wasn't a good combo.

  • gam30toronto

oh i had this phone. i really liked the look of it. it was really handy. And those days there were many choices..... it was a fun time.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2019Well, in Turkish language, we call touchscreens "dokunmatik" (a ... moreThat was eFlops fault. MeeGo was supposed to replace symbian on High end devices, and it had quite an entry with the coolest design ever. Apparently the design was so cool, Eflo tought is better to be used for windows (and kill Nokia) so he decided to plublicaly call them very advanced systems: burning platforms. A pahtethic frstrated outburst that actually and sadly, succeed it's purpose.

  • Anonymous

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic this is my phone wayback 2008 the only problem on this phone is that hard touch screen. that's the reason I change to N70 :)

I discovered gsmarena thanks to this phone. My friend had one & I never was interested into phones & was using feature phones. He was playing Asphalt with tilt controls & I really wanted this phone. I started searching for specs & at that time the fact that the iPhone had such mediocre specs & everyone praising it made me an iPhone hater. But I hated resistive touchscreens & so I never bought one.
I kept using your filter search to find phones with capacitive touchscreens. I bought a Nokia 701 which I still have & it feels so close to Android that I think it only needed a bigger screen.
I was a chronic user of your filter search back then trying to find the perfect phone.

  • Cyr4x

Affordable mid-ranger? Afaik this phone had a 2,5k PLN price tag at start here in Poland, so it was far from being affordable.

  • Anonymous

Well, in Turkish language, we call touchscreens "dokunmatik" (a combination of two words, dokun: touch and automatic). In this case, we called 5800 XpressMusic a "tırnakmatik" device (tırnak: nail) because the screen navigation relied on nail, not finger :D. It was painful to chat on WhatsApp. Good old days.

  • Salman

The best ever Nokia for me Was Nokia N9. but Nokia threw it way like a step child to move with Windows OS but that plan miserably failed.
truly it was ahead of its time. later BB Z10 came out with same interface (swipes) and now iPhone(X) is almost same to that trend.