Live images of Xiaomi Mi A3 and its retail box confirm specs and design

13 July 2019
It's likely the global variant of the Mi CC9e announced last week.

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  • Ramanuj


  • Anonymous

people should stop buying these notch/cut out phones.
dont promote companies cheating us with less than full display and calling it full screen.
there is no problem in having a small bezel on the top.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2019SD 665 is a disappointment, early benchmarks are tepid. I totally agree.The CPU number should be start with 7.

  • raj

Phone not support ARcore

It would be interesting to see that Xiaomi would surprise us and will have Xiaomi MI A3 SoC SD 710 possible 730, NFC and everything else like MI CC9 Mimoji, 48MP, 13MP Ultrawide, 8mp Telephoto 6x zoom, ...,.

  • Anonymous

SD 665 is a disappointment, early benchmarks are tepid.

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2019SD665 is underclocked SD660 so it's worse in terms of perfo... moreunderclocked how? it's a whole completely new processor despite going for same market, one being 11nm vs 14nm on the other.

Tungtran, 13 Jul 2019If you ask for CPUs' performance, it's a slightly yes. But ... moreare you sure? i googled (and cross checked with Mi A2 spec) that 660 has adreno 512 vs adreno 610 on 665. won't it have better gaming performance. i'm totally nub here so i'd assume higher number have better performance, unless the 6 only notes generation and the quality is actually x12 vs x10 so then 660 is indeed better than 665 if that's the case. i'm not familiar with naming convention on mobile GPU?

What about NFC?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2019true... currently im using blackshark2 and pocophone f1, i ... moreIts because the ads give you a break from using the phone.

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 14 Jul 2019Over saturated? Most OLED these days have delta E 2000 belo... moreLCD has been dead for a while now....

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 14 Jul 2019Look at all these OLED haters, naming only the disadvantage... moreLCD phones still exist outside the budget ranges ??

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 14 Jul 2019FYI the SD 660 has a Adreno 512 not 612, but yeah it's weak.weak...i have moto g5s plus with sd 625 and adreno 506,and i am a heavy pubg player,but i am a happy customer.except when i hot drop with 6 or more squads.then phone lags badly

  • Tiger

Shadocx, 14 Jul 2019FYI the SD 660 has a Adreno 512 not 612, but yeah it's weak.It's running snap dragon 665 and adrenal 610

Lumina, 14 Jul 2019Yes pls on the hierarchy :>It's very long, so I posted it in this comment here:

Do note, the comment system keeps breaking so there's some random characters/bugs in the list. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it from my end.

PS: If there's any other chipset anyone is interested in, I can go about trying to source it myself or do aggregate benchmarks for it. I'm trying to focus on mainly "phablet" performance, but can look more into Tablets and Single-Board Computers like the Raspberry Pi 4.

  • Dhey

People shit talking oled. I had 3 phones with ips display and my current device is an samung a7 2017. Once you get used to oleds, itll be hard coming back to ips.

  • Lumina

Kangal, 14 Jul 2019To be honest, a teardrop notch is the best form of notch. ... moreYes pls on the hierarchy :>

  • Anonymous

It sucks. Redmi K20 was natural born CC9 killer, and they crippled the latter even more with taking away Snapdragon 730.

Seem like A line is Xiaomi's unwanted child. Hence the lack of sufficient competition, Xiaomi offers less for more compare to their own MIUI phones.

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2019teardrop notch? really? that's sad, i hate that. i wonder w... moreTo be honest, a teardrop notch is the best form of notch.
Because notches/holes are for cheap phones, as its actually a low-cost solution to getting a (almost) fullscreen experience. Flagships should be using an underscreen solution for the Sensors and Selfie cam, or if they want to compromise the durability they can use a Flip camera. Or better yet, a flagship should be using Slim Bezels combined with Front-firing stereo loudspeakers.

So now that we've established its for lost cost phones (under US $500), the reason why the teardrop notch is best is because its centred. That means it splits the Notification Bar without looking like an eyesore, and it can also hide the earpiece directly above it.

Other notches are either wider, or they droop lower taking more space. And the Centre and Right punch-holes are actually more intrusive. The only better solution is the Left Punch-hole, but this means you either have to replace the earpiece, or the earpiece becomes more noticeable.

PS: I have a list of SoC chipsets and their performances tallied into a hierarchy, if anyone is interested in it let me know. It's very comprehensive and long-list, by the way.

Look at all these OLED haters, naming only the disadvantages like it has zero advantages :)
Go buy your phones with shitty LCD, nobody cares about what you do with your money. LOL