HTC Wildfire E probably exists: 5.45-inch LCD, Unisoc chipset and 2GB of RAM in it

13 July 2019
A retailer in Russia has the unannounced smartphone in its database, but no pics or price yet.

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  • Maddy

Thanks a ton, I am just done with these ever increasing smart phones.

Nostalgia, I remember the Wildfire S well.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Please be adorable! OwO

  • Anonymous

Use a just mid range processor , slap a 4000mah battery, add a average screen, keep the price 10-13k and sell it in India. You are good to go

  • Anonymous

HTC Phil, 13 Jul 2019I miss when phones were that small! Hate all the giant phones th... moreOf course! This is happening when you don't write emails or use your screen just like you have used nokia 3310. And you have small hands

  • Lopaw

Then later higher specs like 3gig ram 5mp cam uper soc..beter

Dometalican, 13 Jul 2019Kind of funny that in this day in age, this particular phone wit... moreTHIS!
The minute I saw this phone in the article it immediately had that nostalgia factor written all over it. Let's not lie, HTC's golden years have since come and gone. A hand set like this would funny enough be disruptive and charming in today's times. If nothing more, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing HTC becoming a throwback company which priorities legacy features in handsets like headphone jacks, infrared beams, expandable storage, removable batteries, plastic and metal bodies and single cameras units. If the smartphone market is as saturated as it is, I'd love to be a company which could troll the industry by pivoting from the glass sandwich rounded-edged multicam slabs we've all come desensitised to.

  • Anonymous

Now that's a phone I'm looking forward to.

always love that flip clock widget

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

HTC Phil, 13 Jul 2019I miss when phones were that small! Hate all the giant phones th... moreThere are still many Nokia feature phone with 1.8" screen out there, my grandpa is using one, small & compact, best of all you only need to charge it twice a week, it cost less than $25

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2019You'll be surprised when you know how many countries does not ha... moreYeah, and plus, there are also people who don't trust internet shopping, let alone international internet shopping.

Should be a small screened handset.

I was checking the renders of the Pixel 4. Let's be real, the original Wildfire S from 2011 looks better than it! I'm not sure Google will ever get it right with design.

I love my Pixel 3 but even I don't think the design is anything special. It's probably the best design Google ever made but it's probably an 8/10 at best. It does feel great in the hand. The worse design is the Pixel 3 XL. Saw one last night at BJ's Restaurant and went eww! What a hideous notch!

The Pixel 4 is definitely a NO for me. No punch hole and a ugly forehead instead. I'm not sure the Pixel 5 will be any better. Will have to wait for the Pixel 6 or 7 until Google finally gets the design right. I mention this because I wish Google would just copy HTC's designs from the One M-series days.

It's crazy Google has some HTC employees and still can't get the design right. Pixels have the best Android software experience but worst hardware design.

  • Anonymous

When the wildfire came out, it was probably the cutest touch phone ever made.
I'd love to see an all-screen 4-incher. A small device that does the job, and has less tendency to get a cracked screen when it falls.

  • Anonymous

No phablet and no mini size this year... Why they put so limited??? Most common limited this year is 5.45 minimum to 6.7 inch maximum, what's this? And most can only go to 5.0 minimum to 6.9 inch maximum, make a tiny hands and giant hands less choice. Disappointed choice of screen smartphones... Now they don't make Xiaomi mi max 4 "big" and Sony xperia compact "tiny" anymore... Why not, try to break the limit to go down to minimum 4 inch and maximum 8 inch with thin bezel and long screen smartphone so got more choice. Not only I like tablet size smartphone, I also like the mini phone below 5 inch as well... With thin bezels. Thanks.

  • Travis999

Why don't you lot who want smaller phones buy a legend, go and get yer selves an HTC HD2, plenty still available, still a good little phone and once unlocked and rooted, you can run anything you like on one.
I still have my old ones and still use them every now and again, solid build, swappable battery, 3.5mm jack and cheap.

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2019people here really can't take a joke lmao, thank you famYeah you will find that a lot here. Technerds aren't famous for their sense of humours or getting sarcasm.
I'm not insulting technerds, I include myself in that. I imagine everyone in this site does, but there's a lot who need to learn not to take everything quite so seriously.

Are you British btw? If you don't mind me asking

  • hmm

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2019Is this a joke? Except for Xiaomi mi 9 se, all those mentioned a... moreWeird that he have left out Samsung A40 that is smaller then Mi 9 SE and then Xiaomi Mi Play that is around 120 euro with Helio P35 that is useable too but dont know why it named Play if it cant even get 30 fps stable in candy crush :D

  • HTC Phil

I miss when phones were that small! Hate all the giant phones these days.