Apple stops selling iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, and SE in India

15 July 2019
The company is changing its strategy in the subcontinent, focusing less on volume and more on profits.

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  • true user

iphone 6s is not priced below 24000,not 8000 as reported in your blog.
please check

  • Anonymous

I purchased one IphoneSe32Gb (Mp852hn/A) from Systematix Media, Diamond Plaza Mall, Store No.01, 1st. Floor, Kolkata-700055 on 26.07.2018. It was not running smooth altrough & started limping -problem with touch screen started in the middle of July 2019 & when it was totally stopped working ,I reported to the service center of Apple attached to the above store.
Their behavior was not worthy of Apple Service Center & products, rather very reluctant.
Now from website, I am getting the information that Apple has stopped selling the product in India.

PriteshThakker, 24 Jul 2019Tax subsidies are about seeking extra deduction in Tax than... moreLOL, your argument is solely based on just to make you look right. Companies such as Apple will try as much as they can to evade as much tax as they are allowed. That doesn't mean that they wanted their phones to sell at lower price. They wanted it for more profit. In a huge company with lots of shareholders to satisfy, savings in taxations means a lot. They will retain the MSRP as much as possible. Tax is just an added expense that could be evaded or agreed upon, legally.
With taxes aside, here's another point of view:
Apple have won cases against manufacturers where they source materials for their phones, this significantly lessen the price for the materials being used. Does the MSRP got lower after that? NO, it even got ridiculously higher.

DroidBoye, 24 Jul 2019Tax subsidies were an addition to their already steep prici... moreTax subsidies are about seeking extra deduction in Tax than usual / normal taxes, obviously they were bearing taxes all these years. And if "they aren't bothered or concerned about pricing, why would they seek subsidies? So this contradicts. They indeed enjoyed sale of iPhone 6 for last few years as that helped them to keep count of units sold high, but now they have changed strategy

PriteshThakker, 24 Jul 2019If they don't care about pricing, why do they demanded Tax ... moreTax subsidies were an addition to their already steep pricing. They wanted to remove tax subsidies because it's not a part of their MSRP.

DroidBoye, 16 Jul 2019Apple doesn't care about the price. Their XR which were mea... moreIf they don't care about pricing, why do they demanded Tax subsidies in India and now bring their manufacturing in India in the name of cutting costs?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2019I think the cost-consious buyer pick android rather than 5 ... more*Cost conscious buyers bought cheaper Android models instead.

  • Anonymous

Pedro Baruto Bayuhot, 16 Jul 2019"Apple stops selling iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, and SE in I... moreI can point to several Android manufacturers who have done that, but I bet you can't point to a single example of Apple doing it.

  • AnonD-732843

Apple stops selling iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, and SE?

What's going to happen with all the produced stock then?

Greenpeace please intervene!

  • Anonymous

Just buy decent android phone with lightweight user interface like android one or stock android. It will look a bit boring but performance will be faster than you think.

  • Anonymous

nepu.bug, 16 Jul 2019I was an android user and now an iPhone user and I've to sa... moreHaving used both platforms I find iOS a much more polished and usable OS. Android is a freemium OS. But let's not discuss this.
About the cap limit. It's gone in iOS 13. So good news.
Also the file size you see in the App store is not the size you are going to download. But the size of the installed app. So you may download a 300mb app if you fancy.

  • Abhishek

Very good Apple.... Keep it up and one day nobody will buy ur crap in India.

  • Anonymous

I think the cost-consious buyer pick android rather than 5 years old iPhone. Thus, this old phone got sacked.

  • Anonymous

The title of this article is taken directly from Apple mouth. Otherwise it would be
"iPhone 6, 6Plus, 6s Plus and SE didn't sell well in India and lost to low cost android device"

  • Anonymous

Focused less on volume and more on profits.

  • Nani

Indians are cost conscious people, who would not like to pay more than the value it deserves for anything. Some people may like to display iPhone as a luxury item, but believe me it isn't. If I had to show off, I would buy a Mercedes or BMW which are pleasure to use. why an iPhone, dumb isn't it.

  • Anonymous

RIP 3.5mm jack iPhone(s) (except iPhone 6s) in India :(

Aslipundit, 16 Jul 2019No surprise they are not doing well in India. Ridiculous p... moreApple would never do that. The base of their phone business is the so called ''premiumness/ premium feeling''. Most of the buyers in third world countries would buy an iPhone for that feeling even though they would get much better specs/options in other phones. a comment posted here was like someone buys an iphone 6 and shows off like a millionaire. Apple got the business right. why would they reduce the price when 'PRICE' is one of the attraction factor for iphones.

Ravuh, 16 Jul 2019Like we can afford iPhones anyway. Only the very rich india... moreThe Average salary in India is bout 15 to 20k.. and a Xs 64gb is 98k and the 6s is 30k for 32gb .. so the best bet was the SE

Thanks god.. Now I can buy a XS and people will say it's a premium phone. Until now, people used to buy iphone 6 for 15k and show off like theyare millionairesor something.. no dude you aren't... you are just a person with cheap mentality. Buying 2014 hardware just for the logo. Now atleast there will be a line between people who can afford and who can't.