Apple stops selling iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, and SE in India

15 July 2019
The company is changing its strategy in the subcontinent, focusing less on volume and more on profits.

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I was an android user and now an iPhone user and I've to say that iPhones are designed for wealthy customers because I can't download apps larger than 200 MB on mobile data and I'm forced to use Wi-Fi also iCloud need Wi-Fi to back up which is not convenient for an average user in India because for most people the primary source of internet is mobile internet and not Wi-Fi. If one is an android user moving to iOS than one may enjoy the fluidness of iOS for a while but will miss the flexibility of android soon because the flexibility on android offers many conveniences compared to iOS at least in my experience. There's nothing special about iOS other than the high price. It's good that we've Apple in India as an option to android but it's definitely not better than android. If you're an Android user just be happy that you've not spent the extra money on iOS. Though I'm not much in favour of iOS I'm pretty happy with the camera quality on my iPhone. Overall it's good that Apple has decided to stop selling these old models in India. Peace.

  • Anonymous

JACK, 16 Jul 2019My eyes they hurt, huge bezels ugly phone!Lmao the cringe with this comment.

  • JACK

My eyes they hurt, huge bezels ugly phone!

  • Bewildered

Anna, 16 Jul 2019Apple should seriously think to quit the Indian market alto... moreFirst Apple make their phones user / poseur recognisable so even people like me can distinguish a model,
These phones are all old and have a small display 4.7 inches being the largest in a era where Apple have jumped on the large display

It beggars belief how and why someone is son enamoured by the brand they will wait until it becomes affordable through pre ownership

Again how can Apple justify selling a 5 year old phone, albeit new or someone think I can now afford this "relic"

5 years touches on buying 3G or 4G in the UK now with 5G being roll out.

If you see these models you assume they were bought when released and held, I cannot think of any reason why any 2014 model is acceptable especially at the non discounted price Apple charge

  • 5T

Why? Those were the only iPhones selling well :)))

PriteshThakker, 16 Jul 2019I would say, rather reducing their spread in India and furt... moreApple doesn't care about the price. Their XR which were meant to compete to budget phones were not "budget" priced at all. Apple is known to limit options just to cater their higher-end devices, the omission of 128GB on their new iphones were a justification of that.

No surprise they are not doing well in India. Ridiculous prices, almost 15-20% above US in a country with 1/10th the per capita income.

Even as a buyer of premium phones, shelling out close to 70K INR for an XR just doesn't make sense to me. I would rather buy a Samsung or LG flagship for around 60K with a lot more usable features and flexibility.

XR should have been priced at around 600 USD in India.

Baykko, 16 Jul 2019The only flaw I see with this strategy is the assumption th... moreI almost agree.... I believe after Steve Jobs, not much success & innovation took place with Apple and iPhones

DroidBoye, 16 Jul 2019This is to prepare their new phones to be sold in India.I would say, rather reducing their spread in India and further shrinking. As lots of people are moving from expensive iPhone to top-end Samsung, OnePlus and cheaper Xiaomi since last couple of years

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2019Just give us a new SE already.iPhone XR is their new "Budget" device

six_tymes, 16 Jul 2019its about time, that design is so OLDWell, even iPhone 8 has same design that iPhone 6, 6S, 7 has. According to your logic, all those should have been discontinued

  • Foo

Ravuh, 16 Jul 2019Like we can afford iPhones anyway. Only the very rich india... moreYou need to do some research before posting such stuff

  • Anonymous

You can buy used one in great condition if you want. But it is very old. Like very very very old. iPhone 8 is the iPhone to start with. Or just buy decent android phone and enjoy.

  • Anna

Apple should seriously think to quit the Indian market altogether. After struggling for so many years, they still had not managed to cross 1% market share. The prices of all their products sold here are costliest in the world. Even after considering currency exchange rate fluctuations, import, excise and custom duties levied by govt. the prices are always insane (sometimes upto double). They are not even ready to pass on the benefits received in the form of tax concessions under Make in India initiative to end user and want to increase their profit margins keeping the prices same. Even now, base models of 6S and 7 costs 28K and 40K respectively. Plus models are even costlier. Each upgrade in storage costs 9K more. When they launch new products, old models become cheaper by $100 elsewhere, but in India, they hardly reduce the price by $30.

  • six_tymes

its about time, that design is so OLD

Those models will stop receiving updates in a few months.

  • Carol

Ups, what do you do when nobody gives a s''t about your "premium" quality? Well, you can't do much but lower the prices... And that is where apple got it wron again, they lowerd the prices of devices nobody wants, ups again.

jKhan, 16 Jul 2019Why apple do not mass produce 6s? It is the best contender ... moreNOPE they just cannot cope these days, speed and battery wise.

  • Anonymous

Just give us a new SE already.

  • gringo

apple is going crazy these days !