Xiaomi Mi A3 unveiled with 720p+ OLED screen, S665 chipset, €250 price tag

17 July 2019
The Mi A3 is based on the CC9e without any upgrades to the hardware. There's no "Mi A3 Pro".

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  • Tanvee

Disappointed call record is nothing

  • Anonymous

FATIII, 28 Nov 2019 I am intending to buy Mi A3 , but I am not sure if I coul... moreNo it doesn't


I am intending to buy Mi A3 , but I am not sure if I could RESIZE apps in split screen by dragging the divider OR NOT? I know it has split screen , BUT can can be resized ? Stupid youtubers only showed it had split screen but none of them tried to resized it , if it can't , that'd be a real trade off for me !
please only real users of Mi A3 answer me ! and thank you

  • pinku

apperciate the quality of mi thanks from ravi

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2019So you bought 2 overpriced phones and willing to buy a 3rd ... moreWell, I'm just voicing my opinion. What's wrong with that? Besides, 1080p and NFC are my minimum requirement specs, for my future phone. Xiaomi has failed to deliver those features I mentioned above for so long, at least for the Indonesia market, and Mi A3 was far from what I expected...

SarruKen, 17 Jul 2019But this is oLeD!!Mine is super amoled 😁😁

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2019Really? What is your phone?Samsung galaxy j6

  • Munna

MiA3 what is the final rate

  • Munna

It is new launch

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2019So far so good? 720p display 8n 2019..Man and???
I bet 500 bucks people above the age of 40 will consider it as a good enough.
Only students and those who dont have own family yet and use their phones as a tool to sparkle among the friends will say 720p in 2019 is oldschool.
Rest of the specs are great and comparing the specs and a price the phone will sells every well.
Especialy because of a clean android without any mess or fuss.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 20 Jul 2019So far so good but i would like to see SD730. So far so good? 720p display 8n 2019..

So far so good but i would like to see SD730.

  • Abdul

Will be my nextphone, stock android + 3.5mm jack + huge battery + AMOLED + 720p will be battery beast.

I don't really mind 720p. A year before I used 720p asus zenfone max and then I upgraded to 1080p Xiaomi redmi note 5, its a nice addition but definitely not mind-blowing experience.

And I expect gaming in 720p will not really pushed the GPU and the battery. So it's still a win.

hmm, 18 Jul 2019Tbh it's only placebo effect with the 720p vs 1080p. If yo... moreyou are right with your points. anyway I wasn't writing having the mi device in my mind but the XR. 720p displays are not that sharp and you would see while you watch YouTube videos or Netflix, at least I see. I checked the display of XR from a friend and compared it to the oled of XS and was quite satisfied with the color reproduction. but when I compared with my iphone 6sPlus which is almost 4+ years old phone
A good optimized high quality LCD can go head to head with top quality OLED. so getting an oled isnt a big deal moreover lower pixel density would be a mood killer on oled than LCD. oled displays have burn in issues and most probably the oled supplied with this mi device would have burn in earlier than for say the oled on galaxy s10+.

hmm, 18 Jul 2019Tbh it's only placebo effect with the 720p vs 1080p. If yo... moretrue lol...you have to practice it to actually to be able to tell the difference right away... unless you are using the phone for VR...the extra pixel isn't necessary

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2019Then samsung should be respected in all categories because ... moreIt seems like you didn't noticed my point:

BuT iT hAs oLEd !!
( said xiaomi fanboys )

  • Anomynous

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2019Felt disappointed after looking at the processor upgrade fo... moreYeah. Here in my place mi a2 only priced at $160 and considering the specs of mi a3, for now it's not a good deal.

I guess this is biggest disappointment of the year. Mi did this just to keep its sales up of Redmi series. Last year with A2 people were going away from MIUI. HD+ display in 2019 for 300 dollars. They got it all wrong. This device could easily dethrone Samsung M40 if they would have matched the specs with SD 675 and Full HD+ display. I doubt this device will ever take off from the shelf.

  • Anonymous

Felt disappointed after looking at the processor upgrade for the Mi A3 compared to its predecessor. Definitely not going to upgrade my Mi A2 for this.

  • hmm

Kriegsherr, 18 Jul 2019None? I can clearly feel the lack of pixel density on a 720... moreTbh it's only placebo effect with the 720p vs 1080p.
If you have the phone in your hand and you dont know the resolution on the screen then you would not know if it's 720p or 1080p cause you cant make difference on it if you dont have a real 1080p side by side. And why do people complain about it anyways ? It's not like SD665 is made for gaming. If you want a gaming phone then minimum it needs to be SD710 or SD845. SD660 and 665 is total lag fest on pretty much every game where fps is important.
These hardware dont even run games like Asphalt 9 or Fortnite on stable 30 fps. It's made for people who dont play games on phone and want long lasting battery life with other nice specs like under screen fingerprint reader and amoled screen that takes less battery then LCD. You pretty much have week battery life with this phone and good enough camera.

Only bad thing about the phone for me is that it's still too large on it's dimensions for body.
Would of been nice with something 5.5-5.8 inch screen in a body of 140mm tall and 65-70mm wide that would pack the same 4030mAh battery and it would be perfect phone with all the other features and i dont care much about the 720p resolution. Apple iphone last year had 828 x 1792 screen resolution and the phone cost was over 1000 euro. Iphone 8 had 750 x 1334 and it was IPS LCD screen same like 8 plus but 8 plus had 1080p but still for LCD screen over 1000 euro is insane over price. Now you get 720 oled screen for 250 euro and whine that it's over priced while it has other good features like under display fingerprint scanner that is only on flagship phones for all the well known brand phones like Samsung, Sony, LG, Apple and so on. Samsung A50 have under display fps too but it's 6.4 inch screen while mi a3 is 6.01 inch screen. You can compare it with the A40 that have rare mounted fps and 5.9inch screen with 1080p amoled screen with not so great camera.