Lenovo Z6 Pro fails to impress DxOMark, receives a score of 95

17 July 2019
The phone is right between the OnePlus 6 and iPhone 8 Plus, both over a year old.

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CptPower, 20 Jul 2019Well doxmark is just a number. Even a top camera phoneis ... moreSame 3DMARK exynos and kirin had numbers bigger than snapdragon 710 but emulators like ps2 and wii running better in Snapdragon 710 better than kiren 980 and exynos s10

    Well doxmark is just a number.
    Even a top camera phoneis far worse than Nikon or Cannon or Fujifilm for 150 bucks.
    And even the best camera phone will looks completely ugly when a photo will be printed on large postcard format or bigger.

      DantE O2, 19 Jul 2019you are nothing , and fans who never touched a real camera ... moreYou know dude, your position about supporting DxO would be valid if it wasn't because you are so viciously trying to attack the other guy as a kid that's trying to be a bully. If you truly have arguments about why he is wrong and you are bring them up instead this whole nonsense of "you are nothing... you are dirt while I know better, it only makes you look like an asshole.

        I like when fan boys said lenovo is dead same When they say huawei is killed by trump, i test lenovo mobiles in 2014 the mobiles are very storage and they lived long years with you Yeah the softwar is kind ugly looking but still better than xiaomi Ads everytime they ppl who said this mobile is trash are just a samsung or xiaomi fans whatever you can’t found Snapdragon 855 on good price like this mobile and some news said his camera is great

          Huawei mate 10 is weak in DxOMark but in real life is better DxOMark is just a number just like auntu and 3DMARK this not something we can deal with it so who its failed even

            Anonymous, 18 Jul 2019you blind or what? you're the ignorant one in here, where'v... moreyou are nothing , and fans who never touched a real camera are nothing compared to dxo, or any other review site out there, this is a fact. you can babble all you want like a cave bear does but in the end the photography world looks up at dxo and you can keep crying cause no one pays attention to you ,
            there's is big difference between gsmarena/dxo/dpreview and ppl like you, they pick real stuff , create something and talk about it, you sit behind your keyboard and express your blind childish hatred towards them, i can clearly see the blind ignorant kid in between there.
            prove what you claim, open a photography site and show it, or stop being a fo.ol

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              • 18 Jul 2019

              I own a Lenovo Z6 pro.

              I can tell that many of the conclusions of DxO are true, and some of them are even too much positive in my opinion... BUT most of them have an easy fix.
              * Color rendition was described as dull. In my opinion it's not: it is realistic. Colors don't POP UP artificially. For me that is a plus, not a minus.
              * Video stabilization is innefective: yes, except for 2MP OIS sport mode. This is enough for sharing on social networks by the way. For unstabilized 1080p rear camera: Google Photos a posteriori stabilization will cover you. Just running this software stabilization will bring EIS to your cameras, and put them on pair with Xiaomi's Mi9 and K20.
              * Artifacts, halos, HDR: true, Lenovo camera processing is good but not great: Gcam mod's come here at the rescue. Install Arnova8G2 6.2 camera port and you will have Google's camera processing working perfectly. Not a single halt. Night mode included. BUT .. at this moment only for normal camera, not for wide angle or telephoto cameras.
              * Wide angle and Telephoto camera: they are not that wider nor that tele, and they change WB and color hues respective to normal camera. Dynamic range is average on them. At the moment this is the greatest inconvenient. May be Gcam mods appear that operate on those cameras, but not for moment.
              * Low light cameras: Lenovo's night mode is quite effective increasing dynamic range, but changes hues and oversharpens the pictures. Gcam comes handy, here as well. Gcam has no problem with Samsung's Isocell GM1 camera sensor, and this chip is great for low light photography, indeed it's much better than Sony's IMX586 in that regard. You can check Redmi Note 7 GSMarena's camera benchmark, based on the same sensor.

              My summary: by using Google's software (Gcam and Google Photos), you already get flagship grade rear camera. For the moment you have only good-to-average wide and telephoto... If a modder can connect Gcam to wide and tele cameras, this will be a 'as good as it gets' photo smartphone. Already it will bring like 90% of Huawei P30 camera goodness, and more than 95% of results achievable for Samsung's, Apples's and the likes.

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                • 18 Jul 2019

                Many haters always say rip Lenovo. But why so much hate? Lenovo laptops are great. Smartphones are decent. My Motorola still works good.

                  Anonymous, 18 Jul 2019you blind or what? you're the ignorant one in here, where'v... moreLol DxOMark DOES NOT alter the results. Total scores seem to be unreliable and often make no sense because their calculation method is blackboxed so that manufacturers cannot tune the image processing to get higher marks, but their individual tests(Exposure, artifacts etc.) are solid and they give you sufficient explanation for why devices deserve the points they have got for each category.
                  DisplayMate only test phones from Samsung, Apple and Google but that doesn't mean they are biased or manipulating the results or anything. Stop being a blind basher.

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                    • 18 Jul 2019

                    DantE O2, 17 Jul 2019there is a big difference between me and you though, you th... moreyou blind or what? you're the ignorant one in here, where've you been? in a cave? almost everyone in GSMArena knows DxO and DisplayMate have been proven to alter results, even the benchmarks as well

                      Kangal, 17 Jul 2019I have to agree with the other commenters. The Lenovo Z6 P... moreThe Lenovo Z6 Pro is actually using the Samsung GM1, and the Z6 is using Sony IMX576.
                      Also the software is pretty trash, it's unintuitive and laggy.

                        Whackcar, 17 Jul 2019You're way too ignorant, buddy. My current favorite bran... morethere is a big difference between me and you though, you think with your bottom and i see and realize things with my brain,
                        when you make hateful comments about a brand like dxo, you must be something yourself must have a place in photography world and prove what you say, but you are nothing , like i said you never ever even held a real camera in your hands , so again when you make claims about dxo it has come from your bottom no where else :D
                        this certainly shows how ignorant you have lived so far, so go on and continue no one cares what your idea is about photography world or dxo.

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                          • 17 Jul 2019

                          Trust me guys this phone is biggest scam if they call it a flagsgip, since its certainly not more than a lower end mid ranger. I honestly doubt it has even a SD855 underneath. Over all a pathetic interface, ROM might have been designed in a kindergarten lab, the one I got has a noticeable chromatic aberration on display and warm tone which cannot be configured through available options, 3D rendering is jurky, YouTube videos in 1080 doesn't look genuine. No stabilization in videos..... I request GSMArena to do a critical review of this handset and expose those big lies Lenovo is pretending to have achieved

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                            • 17 Jul 2019

                            Lenovo said motorola made for premium and leno for entey but now drop Sd8xx for motorola and put on leno

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                              • 17 Jul 2019

                              This brand has been dead.

                                DantE O2, 17 Jul 2019lmao, why is that? cause they jun.ked your favorite phone? ... moreYou're way too ignorant, buddy.

                                My current favorite brand has been topping the charts on Dxomark since last year. My current favorite phone is ranked no. 1 on Dxomark.

                                Unlike you, i don't judge these review sites based on my personal preferences. Companies like Dxomark & DisplayMate have shown time & again that they lack credibility & will give out unreasonable ratings based on how much they're paid (or not paid in case of bad reviews) rather than any truly scientific reasons.

                                  Whackcar, 17 Jul 2019My bad. It was meant to say "Dxomark lost credibility". I m... morelmao, why is that? cause they jun.ked your favorite phone?
                                  based on gsmarena shots dxo even gave it a lot high as it is now
                                  and please guys who don't know anything about photography and have not held a real camera in their whole life please keep your comments about dxo to yourselves. you don't know what are you even talking about.

                                    Whackcar, 17 Jul 2019After the OP7 Pro scandal, OnePlus lost any leftover credib... moreMy bad. It was meant to say "Dxomark lost credibility". I mistakenly wrote OnePlus over there.

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                                      • 17 Jul 2019

                                      If name of the phone was Samsung Z6 Pro,then im pretty sure result from this guys would be much higher.Guys from DxO Mark are lost all credibility,so they are just bunch of biased kids.

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                                        • 17 Jul 2019

                                        Lenovo their software is junk. Trust me, I know.