Lenovo Z6 Pro fails to impress DxOMark, receives a score of 95

Yordan, 17 July 2019

Lenovo announced the Z6 Pro after a massive teaser campaign, focusing on the camera department and its various modes. Eventually, DxOMark got to the flagship and reviewed its camera, but the results are rather disappointing for such a device - it scored 95 overall, with 103 for photo and 79 for video.

Lenovo Z6 Pro fails to impress DxOMark, receives a score of 95

Looking at the breakdown of the score, it is obvious the video recording is pulling down what is otherwise a solid still camera. Stabilization is hitting rock bottom, and with four (some might say even five) cameras you would think at least one of them would have proper OIS. Sadly, it is only for the 2 MP sensor and obviously, it couldn't match the competition.

The telephoto shooter is performing even worse - the score of 43 is well off flagship standards. Dynamic range is terrible both for photo and video colors rendering was found lacking and processing produces plenty of artifacts.

Lenovo Z6 Pro fails to impress DxOMark, receives a score of 95

The overall result of 95 is not horrible per se, but with so many phones tested by the DxOMark team, the Lenovo Z6 Pro is slightly better than the iPhone 8 Plus, but not better than the OnePlus 6, both phones that were announced more than 12 months ago.



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Same 3DMARK exynos and kirin had numbers bigger than snapdragon 710 but emulators like ps2 and wii running better in Snapdragon 710 better than kiren 980 and exynos s10

Well doxmark is just a number. Even a top camera phoneis far worse than Nikon or Cannon or Fujifilm for 150 bucks. And even the best camera phone will looks completely ugly when a photo will be printed on large postcard format or bigger.

You know dude, your position about supporting DxO would be valid if it wasn't because you are so viciously trying to attack the other guy as a kid that's trying to be a bully. If you truly have arguments about why he is wrong and you are bring them u...

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