Nokia to announce 3 smartphones and 3 featurephones at MWC

13 February, 2012
Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 610 and Nokia 808 Proview should be the stars of the show.

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  • bilt

more realistic it will be 1 GHz, and 512 ram. :) if more then it will be a suprise :)

  • AnonD-38290

i love nokia and belle currently using n8 cant wait for 808

  • simonh

nokia should never of gone down the windows road it would of done much better with android nokia have made some ground breaking phones and some great ideas but i feel these will be stunted by the closed operating system that is windows...

  • AnonD-39417

i pray it comes with a dual-core processor and @ least 1GB ram cos i'll buy one the first day it launches in nigeria

  • zymo

[deleted post]So you are comparing a 18 month old phone with one that was recently announced? Logic? Wait for the real deal aka 808!

  • Zymo

The 808 is rumored to run on Carla not Belle. And honestly i found the 808 by far the most interesting phone which is going to be announced by Nokia

  • AnonD-616

nokia you are the best we cant wait MWC ..

  • DarkStar

Can't wait to see what the 808 looks like, it'll definitely be my next phone to replace my N8. I'm glad it'll be another Symbian phone too, I don't like Android at all and WP isn't quite there yet.

thank you Nokia for not completely abandoning us Symbian fans!

  • Alex

Yeah, right... But what about the Xperia S in the UK?

  • Ziad The N8 Boy

bilt, 13 Feb 2012want 808 tooo :) hope it wont be disapointing :)I hope too, but I'm afraid of non supporting 1080P To thier camcorder...It will be the end of the upcoming camera phone before it will starting and I think belle out of the box upgraded to acarla will be Very good to nokia lovers...please nokia dont disappoint your fans..

  • AnonD-37627

Dave, 13 Feb 2012Eh Nokia can you please just give up already.+1 like your comment

  • bilt

want 808 tooo :) hope it wont be disapointing :)

  • Dave

Eh Nokia can you please just give up already.

  • AnonD-171

808 getting