Nokia to announce 3 smartphones and 3 featurephones at MWC

13 February, 2012
Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 610 and Nokia 808 Proview should be the stars of the show.

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  • ong

Nokia belle is a good os even better than ios and android

  • ayaz

this phone is very nice and beautiful like features. personally i like it. thanks nokia

  • Jonny5

I agree, Symbian Belle was the correct choice of OS. A Windows Mobile OS would have disappointed me and i would not have given a second thought of even purchasing this phone.

  • ROM BR

I'm sorry but I must disagree of you. I know IOS and Android and I have Nokia Belle on my N8. Nokia Belle is a very nice OS. Congratulations to Nokia!

  • Anonymous

nona, 15 Feb 2012Waiting for lumia 610 news and specs, the next big hot sell... moreno doubt!

  • Anonymous

Still Nokia Fan, 17 Feb 2012My iPhone 4S is two month old but I still have my Nokia wit... moreuve wasted ur cash on an iphone, y didnt u get an ipod? lolll

  • Anonymous

lol, 15 Feb 2012you serious bro.....symbian is worse than bb no idea

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7455, 15 Feb 2012GSM Arena: "(unfortunately) it again runs on Nokia Bel... more100%!!

  • Still Nokia Fan

My iPhone 4S is two month old but I still have my Nokia with me. After using iPhone I can say that Nokia is an advance telephone (for professionals) with average hardware while iPhone is a basic telephone with advance hardware (high tech toys).

  • AnonD-7455

GSM Arena: "(unfortunately) it again runs on Nokia Belle OS". This is very disappointing coming from you. I've always considered you very professional, factual, and unbiased in your information and reviews of products over the years. This statement reflects just the opposite of that from you. Please don't tarnish your reputation.


  • lol

nona, 15 Feb 2012Waiting for lumia 610 news and specs, the next big hot sell... moreyou serious bro.....symbian is worse than bb

  • Wish

"though (unfortunately) it again runs on Nokia Belle OS."
Oh don't be so judgmental on a very good and far better then Android OS.
For negative hype Nokia itself is enough.

  • nona

Waiting for lumia 610 news and specs, the next big hot seller if price will be around $200 or under $250.. WP WILL RULE LIKE SYMBIAN IN THE WORLD. Time to say bye bye android..

  • Anonymous

Symbian Belle is the best OS ever! Has a great ecosystem to boot!!! I am going to replace my Lumia 800 with the upcoming symbian phone. After installing belle on my old n8 it's the best Valentine day evah!!!

  • SmartGEEK

Nokia should not take Africa for granted AGAIN. Because you refused to listen to us, LG, blackberry, Samsung and Iphone are widely recognised as the Smartphone leaders. Good riddance, same platform, no updates. Nokia Asha is DOA

  • syed

symbian only needs good hardware.... I m a big lover of symbian.., having good time with symbian belle... Android i just hate it... Nokia needs to improve hardWARE... windoWS 7.5 HAVING ISSUES...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2663, 14 Feb 2012ROFLMFAO.... and you may want to link to data that shows ac... more1. Learn to read before you post, obviously you can't read because you keep posting crap that is misinformed.

2. 19.6 Million figures includes Lumia 800 devices and N9's as well. Last time I checked Lumia 800 and N9 doesn't run Symbian. So Canalys' 18.3 sales figure is correct for symbian.

3. To a manufacturer, shipping volume is the same as sales volume. Did you think that Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG gave their phones for free to mobile carriers and mobile retailers? Or that they were "loaned" and once these carriers or retailers sold the phones they would reimburse the mobile manufacturer?

I guess you're pretty desperate after you got owned since you tried to post a link about web usage to back up your point.

  • torcida

Can't wait!!

@ gsmarena:
What do you mean with: "[...] (unfortunately) it again runs on Nokia Belle OS."??
Do you think the N8 successor should have WP7.5!?
Whats wrong!? Symbian still rocks and it is not so restricted like WP!!
So this could be a REAL N8 successor and not the Lumia with 12MP...


  • Pek

I mean for N8.

  • Pek

I'm ok with Belle. But Nokia, please release camera update for Belle. Anna is better.