Nokia to announce 3 smartphones and 3 featurephones at MWC

13 February, 2012
Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 610 and Nokia 808 Proview should be the stars of the show.

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  • Tizen Takeover

blueglue, 14 Feb 2012phew, the comment is not aimed at you in person. the size t... moreAh ok. My mistake. I thought you were considering me a Nokia or Android fanboy. I think both have their promises but I'm not a supporter of either anymore.

Agreed also about Belle.

Basically my comment was toward insecure Android fans that only come into Nokia threads to bash.

  • nokia power

i think that there is a bad opinion about symbian here at gsmarena! i am not happy about it and in my opinion you are very rong! symbian offers many things and it has nothing less from the other operating systems! please stop making less of it....

  • Nokia fan

Android is totally waste.because lumia 800 wp os runs smoothly and faster than runs average speed on only dual core processor,but wp 7.5 runs very fast in single core is totally waste mobile manfacture,they using three mobile os android,windows,bada to capture 24% share,but nokia using outdated symbian to capture 16%,samsung have no creative knowledge because own bada have less share than symbian,they copy most of the features from android for own bada,java phones, now sam developing new os with concept of meego,samsung became famous only with android,it was developed by google not ,android is totally is better.

  • AnonD-40

Android ICS lags. It's full of malware, trojans, and viruses. Nokia Belle is much better and it's more user friendly. The Android fanboys are here because they are insecure and they are afraid that the weaknesses of Android will be exposed by Nokia fans.

Nokia Rocks!

  • Anonymous

symbian is very old so people need different, and they found android thats why android capture the market. except the last two years symbian capture more than 60% market share. i think nokia didnt think that something challenge them. nokia try to do something different out of symbian like n9. its awsome set i think. its problem is that nokia end it before proper release it.shortage of app. bt nokia confirm dat it will be updated time to time.but meego can get market by more app develop and hi hardware like dual core, hd , hi ram and battery back up. or windows phn may provide this.

  • AdamBoy64

Looks like I'm going to be waiting longer still for Nokia's next QWERTY smartphone.. Maybe the E7 is just as good as it'll get.

A bit disappointing..

  • AnonD-39264

i'm wanna see what lumia 610 has to offer! :D

  • blueglue

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2012Pricing, hardware, and marketing is where nokia needs to wo... moreAgree, when handsets must have premium h/w for the pricing.

Symbian line should be priced even lesser than WP series , considering the MS license fee and stuff. which is better in the competition.

Nokia on the other hand increasing the cam mega pixel and prices the symbian models at high price.
Omnia W is almost half the price than lumia 800. difference is 8 MP.

  • AnonD-42225

nokia 803 vs Sgs3 vs htc edge vs iphone 5

  • Jay

simple user, 14 Feb 2012nope.. Anna was more user friendly and more stable. I updat... moreBelle was in development long time ago, i agree that it looks like Android but you can change the icons.
I don't have any issues wilt Belle it runs very smoothly and stable on my N8. I suggest you reinstall your device, just delete everything. Because i had issue and this was caused by 3rd party software.
I would say never buy a branded phone.

  • AnonD-2663

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2012The data used by Statcounter is actually for mobile OS visi... moreROFLMFAO.... and you may want to link to data that shows actual sales figures rather than estimates of phone shipments.

Nokia SOLD (not shipped, sold) 19.6 million smartphones in Q4 2011. A bit different to that crap published by canalys.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

blueglue, 14 Feb 2012to the point analysis, good one mate. my appreciations, you... morePricing, hardware, and marketing is where nokia needs to work on. Their LUmia 800/900, N9 design is actually very good I like it, however the hardware is crap, single core? 512MB ram? If I pay $500+ for a phone it better have the best hardware currently available. Whether or not I use the device fully is up to me. Nokia should be like AMD and withdraw from the high end enthusiast segment. Price their devices to mainstream and entry level. The Lumia 900 shouldn't cost more than $350-400 off contract, the Lumia 800 should be priced at $250-300, and the 710 should be at $175-200 at most off contract, same with their symbian line.

  • blueglue

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2012LOL then how do you explain' the iphone 4S's phenomenal sal... moreBulls eye.
I guess you should be the same person to whom i have replied earlier.

  • blueglue

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2012The data used by Statcounter is actually for mobile OS visi... moreto the point analysis, good one mate. my appreciations, you have not only stated your standpoint but also backed up with appropriate proofs.

I some times wonder why nokia is losing rapidly.
due to poor design?
bad os?
outdated h/w?
hefty pricing?
fanbase not contributing constructively?

any other factor you guys can think of?

  • azma products are quite okay, nothing wrong with them. Easy, friendly function, convenient, very handy, nice design n performance etc...but nokia supposed to have an Android in its device since years ago...not only relying on symbian and windows. I'm looking forward to having one Nokia device (rumors is Lumia 900, i hope dream comes true...)with Android...:)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2012South Korean culture is way different than the west. They w... moreLOL then how do you explain' the iphone 4S's phenomenal sales in South Korea as well? You do know South Koreans prefer german and US cars over korean made cars do you not? going by your logic how come Europeans don't buy Nokia then? Why did the Lumia 800 only captured 0.17% market share on it's release month? that shows very little demand for it in most of EU.

  • AnonD-13132

seems like temperature runnin high here....symbian lovers celebrating the news of new flagship of symbian and frustrated android/ios users bashing symbian to get some relief on their choice..:)

  • no one

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2012nokia symbian belle are the best phone in the world n_n sorry mate but symbian is just behind

  • kaka..

.. MWC be telecasted on tv?or not!if yes than on which channel can i watch it?pls tell me...!..!